An Integral Systems’
team supporting NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH, is part of a
group that has been given a prestigious Turning Goals Into Reality (TGIR)
award by NASA’s Office of Aerospace Technology.
The Integral team has been
working for two years to support Glenn’s Numerical Propulsion System
Simulation (NPSS).

NPSS is a multi-disciplinary effort using state-of-the-art computing and
communication technology and enabling aerodynamics, structural engineering,
and heat transfer analyses.
Its long-term goal is the creation of advanced,
distributed full-system propulsion simulations built out of interchangeable
software objects.
The project is funded by the NASA Ames High-Performance
Computing and Communications Program.

The NPSS team includes NASA civil servants and contactors, industry
partners, and the Department of Defense, who collectively received the award
for Pioneering Technology Innovation. Cynthia Naiman, Glenn NPSS Project
Manager, said, “We are honored to receive this award.
I congratulate the
exceptional and dedicated team members who have contributed to NPSS’ success.
NPSS provides NASA and the U.S. aerospace industry with a revolutionary
engineering capability that will reduce the cost of risk associated with
advanced propulsion system development.
The reduced risk translates into
increased safety.”

The Integral team works under subcontract to information services provider
RS Information Systems (RSIS) as part of the larger Professional,
Administrative, Computational and Engineering Services (PACE) support services
contract at Glenn.
The team is part of Integral’s I&T (Integration and Test)
and Data Systems Division.
“We’re delighted to be a part of this award-
winning team.
They are developing applications and architectures whose
effects will ripple through the whole aerospace industry,” said Richard
Isaacman, Division Operations Director.

Founded in 1982, Integral Systems is a leading provider of satellite
ground systems and has supported over 120 different satellite missions for
communications, science, meteorological and earth resource applications.
company continues to enhance its current position in government and commercial
marketplaces by offering innovative software products and custom services for
ground system development and integration.
Customers throughout the world are
now using Integral Systems’ EPOCH 2000 software product, the world’s first
commercial-off-the-shelf satellite command and control software package.
Orbit Analysis System (OASYS) module of EPOCH 2000 also is sold as a stand-
alone product and allows operators to perform satellite orbit determination
and control.
In addition to these products, the company provides systems for
satellite payload processing, spacecraft integration and test, simulation, and
environmental monitoring.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary SAT, the
company also provides satellite and terrestrial monitoring systems to
satellite operators and users throughout the world.
Integral Systems has more
than 230 employees working at the company’s headquarters in Lanham, Maryland,
and at other locations in the U.S. and Europe, including its SAT offices in
Sunnyvale, California.

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