Integral Systems, Inc.
today announced that Satmex (Satelites Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V.) has awarded
the Company a contract to provide the complete primary and backup ground
systems for the Satmex-6 satellite, including the satellite control, flight
dynamics, ground monitor and control, and data analysis software, along with
baseband, RF and the back-up site antenna system.

The Satmex-6 system will incorporate all elements of Integral Systems’
EPOCH 2000 product line, the world’s first commercial-off-the-shelf command
and control software package for satellite and fleet operators.
As part of
this contract, Integral Systems has teamed with Vertex/RSI (a subsidiary of
TriPoint Global Communications) to provide the RF and antenna subsystems.

This contract includes two separate options that Satmex may choose to
exercise in the future.
If it is exercised, the first option would enable
Satmex to include future planned satellite operations as part of the delivered
This option would include expansion of the satellite control system,
and additional baseband, RF and antenna systems at both the primary and backup
The second option, if exercised, would enable Satmex to further
consolidate their remaining satellite operations for the Satmex-5 and
Solaridad-2 satellites onto the ISI provided system.

“While this is Integral Systems’ first contract with Satmex and our first
contract in Latin America, our subsidiary, SAT Corporation, has had a long-
standing relationship with Satmex.
We are very pleased to be working with
Satmex on this program and in the trust they have placed in us and our command
and control products to provide for their ground system needs,” said Stuart
Daughtridge, Vice President of the Commercial Division at Integral Systems.

“After carrying out an extensive analysis of proposals presented by
different companies, we found that Integral Systems would best satisfy all our
satellite operation needs,” explained Juan Manuel Pinedo, Executive Vice
President Sales and Operations at Satmex. “This means we will be able to
operate satellites built by different manufacturers and integrate Solidaridad
II and Satmex-5 operations.”

Integral Systems has also supplied satellite ground systems to NASA, the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S.
Navy, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Loral Skynet,
NEWskies Satellites, Echostar, Sirius Satellite Radio, Binariang Satellite
Systems, Shin Satellite Public Company Ltd., GE Americom, Optus, ChinaSat,
EOSAT, Alcatel, TRW, the Republic of China (ROCSAT), and Orbital Sciences,
among others.

About Satmex:

Satmex, the leading Mexican satellite operator in the Americas, owns and
operates a satellite system through which it offers broadcast, telephone and
telecommunications services to 31 countries in the region. The Satmex fleet
also helps develop rural areas by offering distance learning, and rural
telephony services to remote locations. And, through its business partners in
the NAFTA region and Latin America, Satmex provides high-speed connectivity to
ISPs and Digital Broadcast Services (DBS), thus contributing to the
integration of Latin America with the rest of the Continent.

Satmex is a member of the Loral Global Alliance and offers its customers
the advantages of a worldwide network of satellite capacity, providing global
satellite solutions to the needs and requirements of the Americas. For more
information, please visit the Satmex web site at .

About Vertex/RSI:

Vertex/RSI, a subsidiary of Tripoint Global Communications, offers the
full range of earth station and base station communications products and
For more information on VertexRSI, visit the company’s web site at

About Integral Systems:

Founded in 1982, Integral Systems is a leading provider of satellite
ground systems and has supported over 120 different satellite missions for
communications, science, meteorological and earth resource applications.
Company continues to enhance its current position in government and commercial
marketplaces by offering innovative software products and custom services for
ground system development and integration.
Customers throughout the world are
now using Integral Systems’ EPOCH 2000 software product, the world’s first
commercial-off-the-shelf satellite command and control software package.
Orbit Analysis System (OASYS) module of EPOCH 2000 also is sold as a stand-
alone product and allows operators to perform satellite orbit determination
and control.
In addition to these products, the Company provides systems for
satellite payload processing, spacecraft integration and test, simulation, and
environmental monitoring.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary SAT Corporation
(SAT), the Company also provides satellite and terrestrial monitoring systems
to satellite operators and users throughout the world.
Integral Systems has
more than 250 employees working at Company headquarters in Lanham, Maryland,
and at other locations in the U.S. and Europe, including its SAT offices in
Sunnyvale, California.

Except for statements of historical facts, this news release contains
forward-looking statements about the Company.
Such statements are subject to
risks and uncertainties, including the Company’s reliance on contracts and
subcontracts funded by the U.S. Government, which contracts and subcontracts
are subject to government regulations, audits and termination without cause,
competition in the ground systems industry, rapid technological changes in the
satellite industry and those other risks noted in the Company’s SEC filings,
which may cause actual results to differ materially.
The Company assumes no
obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements appearing in
this news release.