Integral Systems, Inc.
announced today that it was awarded a new contract from the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) System Acquisition Office (SAO) to
develop a replacement for the existing GOES DAPS system.
The baseline
contract award amount is $4.4 million and will be performed over a period of
18 months.
The contract also includes several options that are currently
under consideration by NOAA.

Integral Systems built the existing DAPS and is currently working on
several GOES-related contracts at NOAA and NASA.
Patrick R. Woods, Vice
President, Government Programs, stated, “Our GOES experience combined with our
system development expertise allowed us to offer NOAA a very robust
replacement at a very competitive price.”
Mr. Woods continued “We are proud
and grateful for the opportunity to continue to support NOAA in its important
and highly visible GOES national program.”

The current DAPS system provides real-time reception of GOES data and
real-time output to five types of communications circuits for delivery to
The current system also performs control and monitoring of system
equipment, database management functions, and system resource assignments and

The proposed replacement will be compatible with existing interfaces and
requirements as well as provide new capabilities such as the evolving DAPS
interface with the Internet.
The new ISI system design is based upon
Commercial -Off-the-Shelf
(COTS) products, a Graphical User Interface (GUI),
and relational database.
The software design emphasizes the combination of
the COTS and custom code to achieve the operational objectives of DAPS as part
of the DCS.
The DAPS II will enable NOAA/National Environmental Satellite,
Data and Information Service (NESDIS) to meet its obligations to the domestic
and international DCS community and maintain its position as the world’s
premier satellite data collection service.

Founded in 1982, Integral Systems is a leading provider of satellite
ground systems and has supported over 120 different satellite missions for
communications, science, meteorological and earth resource applications.
Company continues to enhance its current position in government and commercial
marketplaces by offering innovative software products and custom services for
ground system development and integration.
Customers throughout the world are
now using Integral Systems’ EPOCH 2000 software product, the world’s first
commercial-off-the-shelf satellite command and control software package.
Orbit Analysis System (OASYS) module of EPOCH 2000 also is sold as a stand-
alone product and allows operators to perform satellite orbit determination
and control.
In addition to these products, the Company provides systems for
satellite payload processing, spacecraft integration and test, simulation, and
environmental monitoring.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary SAT
Corporation, the Company also now provides satellite and terrestrial
monitoring systems to satellite operators and users throughout the world.
Integral Systems has more than 230 employees working at Company headquarters
in Lanham, Maryland, and at other locations in the U.S. and Europe, including
its SAT offices in Sunnyvale, California.

Except for statements of historical facts, this news release contains
forward-looking statements about the Company.
Such statements are subject to
risks and uncertainties, including the Company’s reliance on contracts funded
by the U.S. Government, competition in the ground systems industry, rapid
technological changes in the satellite industry and those other risks noted in
the Company’s SEC filings, which may cause actual results to differ
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