All preparations for the launch of INSAT-3C, built by ISRO, have been completed at the launch site in Kourou, French Guyana. Since it arrived at Kourou on December 4, 2001, the 2,750 kg spacecraft has undergone extensive electrical and mechanical tests. The satellite has now been integrated with the Ariane-4 launch vehicle of Arianespace. This will be the 147th flight of Ariane.INSAT-3C

The launch of INSAT-3C is scheduled at 04:23 am IST on January 24, 2002 (22:53 hours GMT on January 23, 2002). INSAT-3C will carry 24 C-band, 6 extended C-band and two S-band transponders and a Mobile Satellite Service Transponder operating in S-band up-link and C-band down link frequencies.

The Master Control Facility (MCF) at Hassan in Karnataka has been fully prepared to take control of INSAT-3C as soon as it is launched into its geostationary tranfer orbit.

Live Telecast: The launch of INSAT-3C from Kourou will be telecast live by Doordarshan (DD-1) from 03.45 am (IST) on January 24, 2002.