Technology Alliance Showcases Ultra-Fast Internet Delivery of Aerial Images

Informix Software®, the database company (TM), a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Informix Corporation, and GlobeXplorer Inc., the leading
online distributor of interactive aerial and satellite photographs,
announced today that they have entered into a multi-year technology

Under the multi-year agreement, Informix Software’s spatially
enabled Informix Dynamic Server(TM), coupled with the increased
functionality of Informix Spatial Datablade(TM), will serve as the
core database for GlobeXplorer’s enormous library of online images
used by business customers worldwide.

“With the tremendous data management requirements associated with
aggregating the worlds largest collection of online earth imagery,
GlobeXplorer is an ideal partner for the spatially-enabled
capabilities of Informix Dynamic Server,” said Brian Staff, vice
president of marketing, Informix Software. “The indexing, searching,
geo-spatial processing, and metering capabilities of the Informix
Spatial Datablade provide the functionality that GlobeXplorer needs to
give its users instantaneous access to aerial and satellite photos.”

GlobeXplorer provides a first-to-market business solution that has
previously been unavailable. In addition to warehousing the world’s
largest commercial library of aerial photos, GlobeXplorer has created
a proprietary technology to dynamically search, retrieve and deliver a
requested photo from its library of millions of images within seconds
to end users. The partnership with Informix Software enabled
GlobeXplorer to develop a state-of-the-art database and technology
foundation to support its large and growing collection of images. In
addition, the company has developed flexible software tools that allow
business customers to insert a customized image viewer into their own
web sites, without the use of any plug-ins. Aerial photos can be
accessed via a subscription service available through GlobeXplorer.

“With the need to serve tens of millions of aerial images from our
service every day, we need a database that can handle the complexities
associated with geospatial data without sacrificing speed, reliability
or scalability. In comparison with Oracle, Informix was able to
provide unique spatial database processing capabilities that could
handle our customer demand,” said Rob Shanks, president and CEO of
GlobeXplorer. “Informix Software is an ideal solution for GlobeXplorer
by delivering, extensibility and power while delivering exceptional
levels of customer support.”

Informix Software provides spatially enabled database management
in its core line of databases: Informix Dynamic Server and Informix
Internet Foundation(TM). With Informix Software databases, complex
spatial data can be accessed via standard SQL statements or through
industry leading client-side GIS software. Informix Software’s
exclusive R-tree indexing gives extremely fast access to data and
robust analytical capability. For more information about Informix
Software’s spatial data management products, please visit the Informix
spatial Web site at

About Informix Software

Informix Software, the database company, is a leading provider of
database-management systems for data warehousing, transaction
processing and e-business applications. With more than 100,000
customers worldwide, Informix Software delivers high-performance
database systems in markets including retail, financial services,
government, healthcare, manufacturing, media and publishing, and
telecommunications. For more information, visit the Informix website

Informix Corporation and IBM recently announced that they have
entered into a definitive agreement for IBM to acquire the assets of
Informix Software in a cash transaction valued at $1 billion. The
acquisition is subject to Informix shareholder and regulatory
approvals, and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2001.

About GlobeXplorer, Inc.

Founded in 1999, GlobeXplorer is the leading technology enabler of
high-speed access to interactive aerial photos over the Internet.
Through the company’s products, business professionals from a wide
range of industries can access captivating images from the world’s
largest library of online commercial aerial photography. The company
is headquartered in Walnut Creek, California and its products are
available worldwide. For further information, contact GlobeXplorer at, or visit on the Internet.

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