As major new facilities for ESA and RAL Space open in the UK, and on the eve of the biannual UK Space Conference, the UK Space Agency CEO David Parker gives an in-depth, wide-ranging interview on the outlook for the sector in the UK and Europe.

Speaking in London recently to space broadcaster and writer Christopher Riley, Parker outlines the areas in which the UK is pioneering innovation in research, exploration and the commercial satellite sector.

Parker details the unique UK collaborations underpinning new satellite platforms and services, and describes the role the UK is playing in major ESA missions including Rosetta and ExoMars. Parker explains his vision for UKSA as a “twenty first century space agency”, discusses the prospects for a UK

Spaceport and looks ahead to the forthcoming ISS mission for the first ‘official’ UK-ESA astronaut, Major Tim Peake, who he believes will inspire a new generation of British space engineers and explorers.

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