Imaginova Inc., owner of Space News, has sold its consumer media division including the Web site to TopTenReviews, an

Ogden, Utah-based company that operates

a Web site that aggregates reviews of software, electronics, movies and music


Along with,

Imaginova’s consumer media division included

 the Web sites and, which covers the comic book industry. The transaction does not include Space News of Springfield, Va., which along with Orion Telescopes of Watsonville, Calif., remains a part of Imaginova.

In announcing the deal Oct. 26, TopTenReviews said it intends to incorporate, and into its newly established TechMediaNetwork. was launched in 1999 by CNN business commentator Lou Dobbs and diversified by acquiring other properties including Space News, which previously was owned by Gannet Corp. The company’s name was changed to Space Holding Corp. to reflect the broader portfolio, and later to Imaginova.

“We are excited about the opportunity to focus Imaginova’s resources toward Orion Telescopes and Space News,” Imaginova President and Chief Executive Jay Kirsch said in a written statement. “Both of these businesses are market-leaders in industries where technology is rapidly changing the landscape. I think in each case we have advantages we can exploit in order to turn these changes to our favor.

“I am confident the management team at TopTenReviews will continue to make, Livescience and Newsarama web destinations that readers flock to. We wish them all the best.”