December 5, 2001. Rockville, Md., Moscow and Amsterdam

Max Development, Inc. d/b/a Image World Media, Inc. (“Image”) (OTC
BB: MAXD) and MirCorp announced today that the Russian Aviation and
Space Agency (“Rosaviakosmos”) and RSC “Energia” have signed a joint
decision to grant the rights for one seat on each of two Soyuz passenger
vehicles scheduled for launch in 2003 to Image and MirCorp for the world’s
first prime time space show. The latter two parties will sign a detailed
agreement in the near future.

Image and MirCorp will develop and launch “Ancient Astronaut,” the first
television game show to bring prime time programming into outer space.
Image is developing this game show extravaganza that will allow one
lucky contestant for each vehicle the chance to follow in the footsteps
of historic astronauts and cosmonauts. The winner of “Ancient Astronaut”
will become a member of a “taxi”-mission crew to the International Space
Station (ISS) for a period of 8-10 days. If, for any reason, the ISS
cannot accommodate the winner, the winner will make an autonomous space
flight without docking to the ISS. Image and MirCorp are also developing
a second program for the second Soyuz seat granted, which will be announced
in the future, that will have the same space trip prize.

“We treat TV as a three-stage effort: the Objective, the Process and
the Impression,” said Danny L. McGill, Chairman and CEO of Image World
Media, Inc. “The most compelling Objective or prize in this matter that
is sure to leave a lasting Impression is provided by the partnership
and needs to be supported with an equally compelling Process to keep
mass viewership locked in for the entire series. We feel we’ve hit that
nail on the head and are creating the most valuable airtime in history.”

“Ancient Astronaut” is intended to be a 13-part television contestant
program series based on mankind’s 4,000 year-old fascination with the
theory that Earth’s history has been influenced by visitations from
extraterrestrial beings. The series will take place in five exotic and
mystical locations, such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge, or the Nazca Plains,
all of which are thought to have been visited by aliens. The five teams
participating, one per location, will work to complete tasks using the
same tools, materials, and methods that were used by their ancient predecessors.

The winning team will then compete as individuals at Star City, in Moscow,
with events designed around the cosmonaut training program. The ultimate
winner will be launched into orbit via a Soyuz passenger vehicle, and
it is intended that a personal time capsule containing the winner’s
choice of personal objects that might be of interest to an alien civilization
will be released into outer space. The capsule will also include a sample
of the winner’s DNA, as well as examples of literature, art, entertainment,
technology, etc. that are representative of Earth.

Agreements to organize the work for the realization of this project
have been approved by Dr. Yuri Koptev, General Director of Rosaviakosmos,
and Mr. Yuri Semenov, President of RSC “Energia.”

“We are pleased and fortunate to be granted this opportunity to take
location TV to literally its greatest heights yet. We have entered into
this Agreement for several reasons. First, Space is a wonderful backdrop
to demonstrate the possibilities of cooperation on an international
level; regardless of race, creed, color and religion. This has never
been more important than in today’s world. Secondly, we share with MirCorp
and its President, Jeffrey Manber, his vision of space undivided by
borders,” commented Mr. McGill.

“This project is part of the MirCorp business model, co-developed by
Image, which calls for the realization of the Small Commercial Orbital
Station (“SCOS”), which is under development by Rosaviakosmos, RSC ‘Energia’
and MirCorp as part of the Joint Resolution signed August 24, 2001,”
stated Jeffrey Manber. “Further, MirCorp anticipates that it will use
a portion of the show’s profits for MirCorp’s future programs with RSC
‘Energia’ and Rosaviakosmos.”
Individuals interested in becoming a contestant, may email
or call the contestant hotline at (301) 947-8093.

About MirCorp:

MirCorp is the leading manned commercial space exploration company which
has worked with customers in the media and private tourism sectors.
MirCorp signed the first lease of a commercial space station, and signed
Dennis Tito to the world’s first citizen explorer contract. The company’s
corporate headquarters are in Amsterdam, and it has offices in Moscow.

About Image World Media:

Image World Media Inc. (OTCBB: MAXD) is an international media company,
registered in the United States, specializing in the production and
distribution of various media content for worldwide distribution across
multiple media platforms such as traditional television, film, and the
Internet. Image’s founders include pioneers in Asian telecommunications,
satellite broadcasting, and New Media. They will play key roles in implementing
the Company’s strategy of creating a global media force originating
from Asia. Image is the parent company of Interruption Television Pte.
Ltd. (“ITPL”) as well as various other media assets. ITPL has been in
business since 1997 producing content and securing global distribution
for its programs. ITPL programs have been seen in over 128 countries
by a total viewership in excess of 400 million households via television;
and up to an estimated 83 million households via Internet and broadband.
For additional information on Image World Media, Inc, please visit

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