DMSP-OLS Image of C-19 dated11 May 2002
Figure 1. DMSP-OLS Image of C-19 dated11 May 2002
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The National Ice Center (NIC) using latest satellite image shown from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program’s (DMSP) Operational Line Scan (OLS) Infrared sensor (Figure 1) can
now confirm size and position of newly calved iceberg C-19. The exact
location of the center of iceberg C-19 is 77.23 South 173.30 East
and its dimensions are108nm long by 17nm wide.

Iceberg names are derived from the Antarctic quadrant in which they
were originally sighted. The quadrants are divided counter-clockwise
in the following manner:

A = 0-90W (Bellinghausen/Weddell Sea)
B = 90W-180 (Amundsen/Eastern Ross Sea)
C = 180-90E (Western Ross Sea/Wilkesland)
D = 90E-0 (Amery/Eastern Weddell Sea).

When an iceberg is first sighted, NIC documents its point of origin.
The letter of the quadrant, along with a sequential number is assigned
to the iceberg. For example, C-19 is sequentially the 19th iceberg
tracked by the NIC in Antarctica between 180-90E (Quadrant C).

The National Ice Center is a tri-agency operational center represented
by the United States Navy (Department of Defense); the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration (Department of Commerce); and the United
States Coast Guard (Department of Transportation). The National Ice
Center mission is to provide world-wide operational ice analyses for
the armed forces of the United States and allied nations, U.S. government
agencies, and the private sector.

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