Recent Insights into the Physics of the Sun and Heliosphere
– Highlights from SOHO and Other Space Missions –

We warmly invite the solar, solar-stellar, solar-terrestrial and space
plasma community to attend Symposium 203 which will be held in conjunction
with the IAU General Assembly in Manchester next year. We look forward to
hearing from you that you wish to attend and perhaps present a talk/poster

Date: 7-11 August 2000

Location: Machester, UK

Summary: Reports of the most recent results and discoveries in solar and
heliospheric physics and their theoretical interpretation, with
special emphasis on the solar-stellar connection: Global
structure and evolution of the solar interior. Solar irradiance
variations. Convection zone flows. Active region structure and
dynamics. Structure, evolution and dynamics of the transition
region and corona. Coronal heating processes. Composition, large
scale structure and acceleration processes of the fast and slow
solar wind. Energetic particles. Galactic cosmic rays.
Interplanetary dust and interstellar gas.