AI Signal Research, Inc. (ASRI), a small, disadvantaged
company in Huntsville, Ala., has been selected to provide
customer and employee-relations support services at NASA’s
Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville.

The contract, effective Feb. 15, includes a one-year
performance period plus four one-year priced options. If all
options are exercised, the contract could be worth as much as
$39 million.

Under the contract, ASRI will provide support services to
Marshall’s Customer and Employee Relations (CaER)
Directorate. The directorate is primarily responsible for
human resources, education programs, government and community
relations, media relations, public exhibits, internal
communications, employee training and organizational
development, and technology transfer.

This procurement was conducted under Section 8(a) of the
Small Business Act, limiting competition to qualified small,
disadvantaged firms. Congress mandates that NASA, as a
federal agency, spend at least eight percent of its
contracting dollars annually with small, disadvantaged