The STS-109 flight hardware to be taken into space for maintenance of the
Hubble Space Telescope (HST) will be the focus of a news media event at the
Kennedy Space Center on Dec. 18. Media will be able to view and photograph
the four principal payload carriers and the Advanced Camera for Surveys
(ACS) and also interview HST Servicing Mission 3B personnel.

Media representatives will be taken inside the clean room at the Vertical
Processing Facility (VPF) facility located in the KSC Industrial Area.
Because of the stringent contamination controls in effect for this
spacecraft, only small groups of people can be allowed into the clean room
for a limited period. Therefore, media should allow additional time for this
press opportunity since turns will have to be taken inside the high bay.
Mission spokespersons will discuss the STS-109 mission in the VPF conference
room while waiting.

Available to the news media for explanation of the flight hardware and for
interviews will be:

  • Pam Sullivan, ACS Instrument Manager, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Frank Cepollina, HST Servicing Project Manager, NASA Goddard Space Flight

  • Mark Erickson, ACS Integration Manager, Ball Aerospace
  • Dr. Holland Ford, Principal Investigator, Johns Hopkins University
  • Cliff Lanham, HST Ground Operations Manager, Orbital Sciences Corporation
  • Scott Higginbotham, STS-109 Mission Manager, NASA Kennedy Space Center

    Those planning to attend are requested to wear long pants and closed-toe
    shoes. All will don clean room attire (full bunny suits) before entering the
    high bay. This will include hood, coveralls, booties, facemask and gloves.
    No suede, leather, vinyl attire or vinyl accessories will be permitted. To
    meet the stringent contamination controls in effect, those attending are
    asked not to wear hairspray, deodorant, cosmetics, jewelry, aftershave or
    perfume. No food, tobacco, lighters or matches, chewing gum, hair combs,
    pocket knives, paper or pencils will be permitted inside the clean room.
    Special writing materials will be furnished.

    For this event, all photography equipment must be precision cleaned in
    advance of the press opportunity by HST personnel. Equipment to be taken
    inside the high bay should be delivered to the KSC Gate 2 Pass &
    Identification building at 8:30 a.m. on Dec. 18. The equipment will then be
    delivered to the VPF for cleaning and can be picked up upon entering the
    high bay.

    Media attending the press opportunity should be at Gate 2 at 12:30 p.m. to
    be escorted to the VPF. Only camera equipment delivered earlier for cleaning
    will be allowed.

    Electronic flash photography is permitted. The lighting in the facility is
    mercury vapor.

    Those needing accreditation should contact the NASA News Center at
    321/867-2468 by the close of business Monday, Dec. 17. Should the landing of
    STS-108 be postponed for 24 hours, media will be taken from the KSC Press
    Site to the VPF 90 minutes after landing. However, camera equipment to be
    used in the high bay must still be delivered to Gate 2 at 8:30 a.m. for

    STS-109/HST Servicing Mission 3B, is planned for launch aboard Space Shuttle
    Columbia from Pad 39-A on Feb. 14, 2002. Landing at KSC occurs Feb. 25 after
    an 11-day mission.