WASHINGTON, D.C. – Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) today issued the following statement on the recently announced external task force to study the International Space Station (ISS):

“I want to applaud the Administration for assembling an external task force to review cost projections and the management of the International Space Station.  Clearly, NASA’s January revelation that it could not complete the baseline International Space Station within its projected budget disturbed many in Congress and undermined our confidence in the Agency’s budget practices.  The President’s decision to protect NASA’s science and technology programs by containing the cost growth in the International Space Station and imposing immediate management changes was a welcome step in restoring confidence in the program.  Hopefully, the ISS Management and Cost Evaluation (IMCE) Task Force will identify the additional, specific management changes needed to ensure that the International Space Station is well managed in the future.

“As NASA sought to assemble this Task Force, I raised concerns that such a group might lack the time and depth of knowledge and experience needed to identify the reasons NASA persistently fails to accurately project its budget requirements or recommend the specific management changes needed to prevent future cost growth.    While these concerns persist, I appreciate the Administrator’s efforts to address them through the membership of the Task Force and through its charter.

“The Task Force faces a difficult job and has little time to do it. I look forward to reviewing its report and determining how it may assist NASA in building the best research facility possible with the resources available.”


August 1, 2001
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