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On Wednesday, June 14, 2000, some of the nation’s future
leaders will display their award-winning projects in a National
History Day Exhibit at NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC.

Ten up-and-coming history scholars will present their work,
reflecting this year’s National History Day theme — “Turning
Points in History: People, Ideas, Events” — between 9:15 a.m. and
12:30 p.m. EDT in the west lobby of the NASA Headquarters building
at 300 E St., SW.

From over half a million students, the top 2,000 sixth-
through twelfth-grade students were selected to represent their
states this week in the 25th annual National History Day contest
at the University of Maryland at College Park. These young
historians are bringing with them the products of months of
research: creative presentations in the form of dramatic
performances, documentaries, exhibits and papers. Projects cover a
range of topics, including the role of robotics in space and the
Hubble Space Telescope. The students exhibiting at NASA are
contest-winners at the state level.

“It is important that students develop an appreciation for
the impact of space exploration on our nation’s past and the
crucial role it will continue to play,” says Cathy Gorn, Executive
Director of National History Day. “This year’s students have
discovered the stories behind space flight and theory, as well as
interesting facets of national and world history.”

National History Day is a yearlong education program that
brings the classroom into the community. The program mission is
to promote the study of history by engaging students and teachers
in the excitement of historical inquiry, community outreach and
creative presentation. National History Day also provides
educational services to students and teachers, including a summer
internship program, curricular materials and Web resources, and
annual teacher workshops and training institutes.

More information on National History Day can be found on the
Internet at: