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Washington, DC (October 20, 2000) – The Vostok
3KA-2 Capsule, which paved the way for the first
manned space flight and the “Space Magna Carta”
which was signed during the historic Apollo-
Soyuz space docking, will be on display at the
International Space Symposium as part of a joint
agreement by and the Space Foundation.
The International Space Symposium focuses on
business aspects of the $100 billion (US) global
space industry, and is scheduled for October 24-
26, 2000 at the Reagan International Trade
Center in Washington, DC.

The Vostok Capsule launched from Russia on March
23, 1961, sending a Russian dog named
“Zvezdochka,” or “Blackie” in English, and his
mannequin friend “Ivan Ivanovich ” into orbit as
a Soviet test launch before Yuri Gagarin flew 20
days later, becoming the first human in space.
On July 17, 1975, the crews of the Apollo-Soyuz
docking mission signed the “Space Magna Carta,”
which set the stage for the new multinational
approach to space exploration of the future.

The Vostok and “Space Magna Carta” will be on
display at the Reagan Center for the duration of
the international symposium and is open to
Symposium registrants and the general public.
The historic capsule and document will be
located in the Atrium just below the
CyberSPACE Cafe, an Internet kiosk/cappuccino
house open only to Symposium registrants.

The international symposium is being conducted
by the Space Foundation in association with the
American Astronautical Society. Leading space
agencies, organizations and companies from
around the world are joining the Space
Foundation in supporting and sponsoring the
Symposium. The Foundation also conducts the
acclaimed National Space Symposium annually in
Colorado Springs.

Visit for a
comprehensive speaker list, program agenda and
online registration. Or call the Space
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