United Technologies’ Hamilton
Sundstrand announced today that it has agreed to acquire the Sensor Systems
Division of Orbital Sciences Corporation in a cash transaction valued at
approximately $20 million that will be final pending government and regulatory

Sensor Systems produces specialized instruments for the space, defense and
industrial markets, including subsystems for the International Space Station
and for nuclear submarines.
Other Sensor Systems products detect
chemical/biological contaminants and monitor industrial processes.

Based in Pomona, California, the company employs about 250 people.
Year 2000 revenues were approximately $35 million.

The new business will be integrated with Windsor Locks-based Hamilton
Sundstrand Space Systems, led by Ed Francis, vice president and general
The companies have many of the same customers, including NASA,
Boeing and the U.S. and British navies.
Over the past 40 years, Hamilton
Sundstrand has been a leader in the development of environmental, thermal
control and life support systems for hazardous environments.

“Sensor Systems’ capabilities complement our own and provide opportunities
for systems integration in key defense and space markets,” said Jim Gingrich,
president of Hamilton Sundstrand’s Flight Systems & Services segment, which
includes the company’s Space Systems business.

For example, Gingrich said, Hamilton Sundstrand would now be able to offer
NASA and Navy customers complete systems to monitor and control the
environment on spacecraft and in nuclear submarines.
Sensor Systems produces
a modular mass spectrometer that monitors the atmosphere on the International
Space Station to assure crew safety, while Hamilton Sundstrand supplies life
support and environmental control systems for the station and is developing
the oxygen generation system.

Hamilton Sundstrand, The Aerospace Power Company(TM), a subsidiary of
United Technologies Corporation, is headquartered in Windsor
Locks, Connecticut.
Among the world’s largest suppliers of technologically
advanced aerospace and industrial products, the company designs, manufactures
and services aerospace systems and provides integrated systems solutions for
commercial, regional, corporate and military aircraft.
It is also a major
supplier for global space programs.