CAPE CANAVERAL SPACEPORT–The Florida Space Research Institute (FSRI),
the Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC), and the Spaceport Florida
Authority today announced the selection of 13 space research and
education projects to receive grant awards totaling over $364,000. The
projects, to be led by eight different universities, three companies, and
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, will be funded under the second round of a
joint grant program sponsored by FSRI, FSGC, and the Spaceport Authority.

“We are pleased to invest in university projects that will support the
state’s goals for space industry expansion and diversification,” said Ed
Gormel, acting executive director of the Spaceport Florida Authority.
“This round of grants brings the total for 2000 to over $620,000.”

Included among the approved grants are two that are designed to leverage
additional funding from NASA. The grants will sponsor Florida university
participation in industry-led projects that are competing for over $4
million in NASA funds. If the industry-led projects are not selected by
NASA, the Florida grant funds will be reinvested for the next round of
awards under the joint grant program. A formal solicitation for the next
round of grants will be released in January. A listing of the latest
grant projects is included in the attached chart.

FSRI is a sister agency of the Spaceport Authority and was established by
the state’s Governor and Legislature in 1999 to coordinate and increase
Florida’s academic involvement in government and commercial space
programs statewide. FSGC is a multi-university consortium sponsored by
NASA and the University of Central Florida.

The Spaceport Authority was established by Florida’s governor and
legislature to support the retention, expansion and diversification of
the state’s space-related industry. Empowered as a transportation
authority, the Spaceport Authority financed, owns or operates several
launch support facilities at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport and elsewhere
in the state, including three launch complexes, a hangar for reusable
launch vehicles, a launch control center, a launch vehicle integration
facility, a rocket motor storage facility, and other multi-user
infrastructure. The Spaceport Authority also works closely with
Florida’s universities and community colleges to support statewide
space-related research, technology and education programs.

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Edward Ellegood

Spaceport Florida Authority

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Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920-4003

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