Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency Secretary Lon S. Hatamiya today
announced the award of a $1 million grant to prepare the State for the
rapidly approaching era when Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLVs) will
routinely ferry people and products between the earth and stations in
near space.

The funding will be used to create a comprehensive picture of
California’s RLV infrastructure and technology development potential.
The California Space Authority (CSA), with assistance from Booze Allen
& Hamilton and other partners, will make strategic recommendations for
cost-effective projects with the best return for the State’s

Space launch today is prohibitively expensive for all but the most
lucrative commercial efforts. Unlike expendable rockets that are used
just once and largely scrapped, an RLV “flies” to orbit and returns to
earth to land like an airplane. It is then simply refueled, loaded and
sent back to space like a commercial aircraft.

“RLVs represent the promise of the future, when people and
businesses will easily and economically travel and conduct business in
space,” said Secretary Hatamiya. “The marketplace will determine the
ultimate form of the RLV and where these new space vehicles will
operate. We intend to develop a program that supports NASA’s Space
Launch Initiative, but with a California twist. We remain firmly
committed to placing California back on the road to being first in

The contract complements current efforts to prepare a statewide
space infrastructure implementation plan through a US Department of
Defense grant as well as an existing contract to study the unique
needs of California’s airspace currently being conducted in by a
consortium of California entities in close cooperation with the
Federal Aviation Administration.

The California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency serves as the
State’s principal catalyst for innovation, investment and economic
opportunity, enhancing the quality of life for all Californians. The
Agency’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation administers
the RLV Transition Program. The California Space Authority (CSA) is a
California public benefit nonprofit corporation that connects a
statewide network of space and technology stakeholders dedicated to
positioning California as the premier arena for the space and
technology development worldwide.

Contact: California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency
Norman D. Williams, 916/322-6433