GlobeXplorer, Inc., a leading
technology company that distributes interactive aerial and satellite photos
via the Internet, unveiled today a new corporate web site to showcase its
aerial images.
The new web site focuses on business markets by showcasing the
growing demand for aerial images in industries ranging from residential and
commercial real estate to insurance and government agencies.
In addition, web
visitors can select from a list of world cities and popular tourist
destinations, view the corresponding aerial images and dynamically move within
the images.
The new site can be found at

“Over the last several years, we’ve experienced a rapidly growing demand
for aerial images across a wide range of professional industries,” said Paul
Smith, Chief Operating Officer at GlobeXplorer.
“Our new web site illustrates
how businesses use aerial images and it provides a number of visual examples.
Strategically, we plan to use this new site as a springboard for introducing
product enhancements, making significant announcements and for showcasing the
relationships we’ve forged with industry leaders.
We’ve just closed several
major deals and the web site will be pivotal in communicating our message and
leadership position as press announcements are made in the coming weeks.”

GlobeXplorer’s new web site is organized in four sections, including a
free “Image Viewer” of popular world locations, a “Business Uses” area to
showcase how various businesses are using aerial images, an “Image Library” to
provide visual definitions of aerial images, and a corporate section called
“Our Company.”
The home page includes a flash presentation that outlines the
company’s message and demonstrates the search and navigation features of the

Web Site Demonstrates Unique Technology Solution

GlobeXplorer’s new web site highlights a first-to-market business solution
that was previously unavailable.
In addition to warehousing the world’s
largest commercial library of aerial photos, GlobeXplorer has created a patent
pending technology to dynamically search, retrieve and deliver a requested
photo from its database of millions of images within seconds to end users.
partnership with Sun Microsystems, Informix and other leading technology
companies, GlobeXplorer has developed a state-of-the-art server and technology
foundation to support the delivery of millions of interactive aerial images
per day.
In addition, the company has developed flexible software tools that
allow business customers to insert a customized image viewer into their own
web sites, without the use of any software plug-ins.
Aerial photos can be
accessed via an ongoing subscription service available through GlobeXplorer.

About GlobeXplorer, Inc.

Founded in 1999, GlobeXplorer is the leading technology enabler of
high-speed access to interactive aerial photos over the Internet.
Through the
company’s products, business professionals from a wide range of industries can
access captivating images from the world’s largest database of online
commercial aerial photography.
The company is headquartered in Walnut Creek,
California and its products are available worldwide.
For further information,
contact GlobeXplorer at, or visit
on the Internet.

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