Fregat satellite deployment
An illustration of the deployment of small satellites from the Fregat upper stage during its July 14, 2018 launch. Credit: Glavkosmos

BREMEN, Germany – Glavkosmos, the commercial subsidiary of Roscosmos, unveiled a web portal Nov. 20 for Russian rocket and space products.

“Let’s be clear and frank, this is not something revolutionary but the Russian space industry is pretty difficult for clients who want to buy something,” Glavkosmos Director General Dmitry Loskutov said at the Space Tech Expo Europe here. “We need to start being more client-oriented.”

The web portal,, brings together detailed information including technical specifications on more than 480 products from more than 75 companies. Information is currently available in Russian and English. Additional languages will be coming, Loskutov said.

The web portal is not an online shop but it “should facilitate the choices you are making,” Loskutov said. “It is designed to save you time and help customers see what the Russian space industry can provide.”

Customers can search for manufacturers, create personal accounts and talk to managers about their requirements, he added.

“I hope it will be a faster solution than email, phone calls and facsimiles,” Loskutov said. “We hope this is a first step to making it easier to go to the Russian market. That’s a long road.”

A Nov. 20 news release says the new portal will help customers “compare, arrange, combine and unite products using only one single web resource with a very simple intuitive interface.”

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