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Kids and Genesis Summer Fun

Summer fun in the sun is an important part of most kids’ lives. But there are times when children look for summer fun indoors. Do you know someone who likes to build models or mobiles? The Genesis mission Web site offers materials for family fun. You can find a coloring sheet, a mobile, and a model of the Genesis spacecraft (complete with instructions on how to put it together) at: All of these items are easily printed from the Web site. After printing, you can get creative and trace the model or mobile outlines onto balsa wood. You can even make a 3-d model of the spacecraft out of modeling clay! Get the paints out and really have some fun–out of the summer sun.

Meet the People

Meet Virgil Mireles, Genesis payload thermal engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Virgil is responsible for the thermal design of the Genesis payload, which is the science instruments. Communication is key for Mireles. “In any technical field, many people say the most important thing is technical knowledge. I don’t agree. The most important is communication.” When he visits schools for Engineers Week, he tells the students who love mathematics and science not to overlook language arts. “They think because they’re going to be an engineer, they don’t need language arts. At that age I said, ‘Who cares if I don’t do language arts? I’m good in math and physics.’ It came back to haunt me. I write e-mails; I write reports. I talk on the phone. My technical skills are a smaller part of the job than you would think, less than half. Lots of engineering these days involves communication, not calculation.”

Banner Links

Do you maintain a Web site? Would you like to offer a linking Genesis mission banner on your site? The Genesis mission Web site offers assorted Web-optimized Genesis banners with sample HTML code ready for your Web page. Choose one that best fits your site. Featured banners, sample code, and instructions can be found at:

Spanish Fact Sheets

Some Genesis materials are now available in Spanish. Three new Spanish fact sheets are posted on the Genesis Web site. Fact sheets are brief texts with images that provide information on a specific aspect of the mission. Spanish fact sheets offer a mission overview, profile Genesis mission partners, and offer information on how studying solar wind offers us information on the formation of the planets. They are print-optimized, offered as pdf’s to preserve formatting, and can be printed directly from the Web site.

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