NASA’s Alternate
Access to Station (AAS) project – part of NASA’s Space Launch
Initiative – recently awarded a contract to explore new ways of
getting groceries and the mail to the International Space Station.
Normally the Space Shuttle is used to build and resupply the Space
Station. Because the Shuttle fleet is aging, and best used for cargo
elements, NASA wants another, more flexible delivery system.

By enabling new access avenues, NASA is stimulating a commercial
access industry. “Our job is to demonstrate the capability,” said
Chris Crumbly, manager of the AAS project at NASA’s Marshall Space
Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Once demonstrated, industry may
provide services, which the Space Station program can then purchase.”

Genesis will analyze and define safe and efficient cargo
packaging, and transfer and handling options critical to viable
commercial Space Station logistics and resupply operations. Since the
company’s founding in 1993, Genesis has designed, built, tested and
supported the operations of protective cargo enclosures used to
deliver mission critical cargo to space in the Shuttle’s cargo bay.
Genesis has supported every Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission
with its protective enclosures. “Our enclosures are designed to offer
a smooth and safe ride to orbit using innovative mechanisms,
structures, thermal control and vibration isolation systems,” said
Robert Rashford, President and CEO of Genesis Engineering. “We are
excited about the possibilities of commercial cargo delivery to
Station and the opportunity to work closely with the Boeing AAS Team,”
said Rashford. Genesis AAS support will be conducted and managed from
its Huntsville office by Brand Griffin, Vice President, Aerospace

About Genesis:

Genesis Engineering Solutions, Inc., formerly Genesis Engineering
Company, LLC, is a provider of end-to-end, high-tech engineering
services and systems. Genesis operates in two business segments,
aerospace and commercial technologies. The majority of Genesis
revenues are generated by designing and building spaceflight hardware.
Genesis has offices in Lanham, Maryland and Huntsville, Alabama. For
more information, visit the website at, or
contact Genesis Engineering at 256/971-1234.