Generation Mars


Contact: Adrian Hon


Phone: (+44) 7733 266665

Date Released: Sunday, January 14, 2001

The Generation Mars international educational competition is seeking
donations from space and Mars advocates around the globe. Generation Mars is
a ground-breaking new competition aimed at 11-18 year olds in the United
Kingdom and Canada and seeks to raise youth and public awareness about space
and Mars.

Generation Mars is split up into three categories: Explore, Dream and
Discover, each appealing to a different section of the youth. Explore
challenges students to write a story about Mars, Dream asks students to
express what they feel Mars represents to them in art, and Discover is a
factual essay-writing section.

Sponsored by the Canadian Space Agency, the Particle Physics and Astronomy
Research Council (UK), Astrium and Scribendi, Generation Mars is a project
of the Mars Society UK and was founded in 2000 by two 18 year old Mars

GenMars has the potential to become the largest UK and Canada Mars outreach
project so far. Next year, the project is expanding to the United States and
Australia, among other countries. It’s essential that Generation Mars sets
off on the right foot to ensure its success in subsequent years, soif you
consider yourself as someone who cares about getting humans to Mars,
consider making a donation to Generation Mars.

Those donating over £10 ($16) will receive a Generation Mars poster and
educational multimedia CD-ROM within 30 days after the total amount to be
raised, £10,000, is reached.

To donate money via PayPal or cheque, visit

To find out more about Generation Mars, visit