NASA Associate Administrator Frederick D. Gregory, an astronaut
and the senior executive currently responsible for the safety and
reliability of all agency programs, has been named Acting Associate
Administrator for the Office of Space Flight.

Gregory, 60, is Associate Administrator for the Office of Safety
and Mission Assurance (OSMA) at NASA Headquarters in Washington. He
will replace Joseph H. Rothenberg, who retires Dec. 15.

“Safety permeates everything Fred does. He’s the right person for
this job,” said Acting NASA Administrator Dr. Daniel R. Mulville.
“His experience as an astronaut, pilot and manager of flight safety
programs is essential during this period of transition for the
Office of Space Flight.”

As a NASA astronaut, Gregory logged more than 455 hours in space
during three Space Shuttle missions. In 1985, he served as pilot on
board Challenger during STS-51B. Gregory was mission commander for
STS-33 in 1989 and STS-44 in 1991.

Gregory was selected as an astronaut in 1978, after a distinguished
career with the U.S. Air Force. He logged nearly 7,000 hours in 50
types of aircraft, including 550 combat missions over Vietnam.

In his current position, Gregory is charged with overseeing all
safety issues within NASA through the development, implementation
and oversight of reliability, maintainability and quality assurance

“I deeply appreciate the confidence Dr. Mulville has shown in me
throughout my NASA career,” said Gregory. “NASA has the safest and
most reliable human space flight program in the world. I’m going to
work to make sure we continue to safely explore and develop space
for the benefit of everyone here on Earth.”

Gregory has been awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal, two
Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Defense Meritorious Service
Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, 16 Air Medals, The Air Force
Commendation Medal and three NASA Space Flight medals.

His honors also include the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, the
NASA Outstanding Leadership Award, the National Society of Black
Engineers Distinguished National Scientist Award, the George
Washington University Distinguished Alumni Award and an “Ira Eaker
Fellow” by the Air Force Association.

Dr. Michael A. Greenfield, OSMA Deputy Associate Administrator,
will serve as Acting Administrator during Gregory’s interim

Additional information about Gregory is available on the Internet