Constellation Services
International, Inc. (CSI) announced today that Thomas L. Moser, who served
as NASA’s highest executive in the Space Station Freedom program, has been
appointed as the Program Manager for CSI’s “Alternate Access to Station”
(AAS) Phase 1 effort to study its LEO Express(SM) Space Cargo System for
launching supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). The AAS
program, managed by NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), is a
multi-year effort enabling commercial resupply services for the ISS to
supplement the Space Shuttle and other nations’ ISS delivery vehicles.

“Tom Moser is the perfect person to take CSI to the next level of
development for our ISS resupply system” stated Charles Miller, CSI’s
President and CEO. “CSI is committed to creating a new era of flexible,
low-cost logistics for ISS. This is an issue that Tom first focused on when
he was Director of NASA’s Space Station program.”

During 25 years at NASA, Mr. Moser held a number of senior management
positions, including Deputy Associate Administrator and Program Director for
Space Station (1987-1989). Before that, Moser served as NASA Deputy
Associate Administrator for Space Flight (1986-1987), and as Johnson Space
Center’s Director of Engineering (1983-1986). Mr. Moser has been awarded the
Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Service, the NASA Exceptional
Leadership Medal, and the NASA Exceptional Engineering Medal. After retiring
from NASA, Mr. Moser served under then-Governor George W. Bush as the
Executive Director of the Texas Aerospace Commission (1998-2000).

“I look forward to, once again, working with NASA and the ISS team.
Earth-to-orbit logistics and ISS operational efficiency are major
challenges, but must be conquered” Moser stated. “Enabling commercial
logistics and resupply offers NASA the potential for flexibility and
reliability, and new options for increased efficiency.”

CSI was awarded a $2.3 million AAS contract by NASA/MSFC on 12 July 2002 to
validate and refine CSI’s patent-pending LEO Express(SM) Space Cargo System.
The system will use off-the-shelf technology to create standardized
containers that can be launched on a broad variety of existing and future
launch vehicles. Over the last 50 years, standardized containers have
transformed cargo transportation across the entire surface of the Earth.

CSI was founded in 1998 for the purpose of providing orbital space services
including satellite retrieval, repair, and servicing. For more information
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