Although a
California businessman had to drop some serious change to get
space-bound, Hollywood producer David Krieff of Destiny Productions
has just put the chance to leave Earth within the grasp of the average
wage-earner with a far-out new reality show dubbed “Space Trials.”
Picture “Survivor” meets “Star Trek” meets “The Truman Show.”

“Hollywood is a step closer to gravitating towards space. We are
actually going to send the contestants into space,” Krieff noted.
“This is probably the most ambitious reality show in the history of
television. There have been quite a number of prominent producers
trying to get this concept off the ground. As a kid I always wanted to
go into space, now someone can live the dream.”

The visionary concept of Australian entrepreneur Ilya Osadchuk led
to an exclusive agreement being signed by three parties, including
Destiny and the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre of Russia, for the
new international television show. Osadchuk, who brought the idea to
Krieff, said, “Space is the last frontier, and this production will
bring technological achievement to the forefront of entertainment.”

With the blessing of the Russian governmental organization, the
Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, “Space Trials” will consist of a
26-week unique physical and emotional experience for the 26
contestants who will be chosen from around the globe. The actual
training regimen will be grueling and sometimes torturous, but always
very entertaining and maybe a little bit naughty a la “Survivor.”

Contestants, both men and women, will be whittled down to the
final four potential astronauts who will reach the semi-finals. Only
one person will be chosen in the finals: a single human being who
represents all the best qualities the species has to offer and all of
the necessary scientific and technical prerequisites for the flight
into space.

Director Col.-General Pyotr Ilyich Klimuk, a space travel veteran
who was Commander of three Soyuz missions to space (including
Soyuz-13, Soyuz-17 and Soyuz-30), will launch the lucky winner — and
he won’t be asking for $25 million! Col-General Klimuk is quoted as
saying “There will be a lot of famous names in space exploration in
the future. Our staff at the Center shall do our part.” Krieff added,
“We anticipate sending our first civilian winner into space by

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