Today, July 11, 2002, we called on the U.S. Congress
to restore funding for the Pluto and Europa missions,
following the endorsement of these two missions in
the newly released National Academy of Sciences report,
“New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated
Exploration Strategy.”

“While the report encompasses all aspects of
planetary exploration,” said Louis Friedman, our
Executive Director, “the pressing issue before
Congress is whether they will now overturn the
Administration’s proposed cancellation of the
Pluto/Kuiper Belt flyby and Europa orbiter

You Can Help Make it Happen! –“We are sending a
petition to Congress signed by thousands of people
and asking for restoration of the funding for the
Pluto and Europa missions,” said Friedman.
To sign The Planetary Society’s Petition in Support
of Space Exploration.
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