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Election Results — Florida’s newly elected and re-elected congressional
officials include several members who have historically been strong
supporters of the space industry, including Rep. Mark Foley, Rep. Alcee
Hastings, Rep. Carrie Meek and Rep. Dave Weldon who have all participated
on NASA-related committees. And Senator-elect Bill Nelson (a former
astronaut and congressional space committee member) will join Senator Bob
Graham and the entire Florida Congressional Delegation as strong
proponents of space issues. State-level legislative elections also
produced a strong crop of space industry supporters.

Helium Pipeline Completed at Spaceport — A newly completed 14 kilometer
pipeline now bridges Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force
Station to provide pressurized helium for Boeing’s Delta 4 launch
vehicles at Launch Complex 37. The pipeline allows helium produced at
KSC for the Space Shuttle to also be used for commercial and military
missions aboard Delta IV rockets. According to Orbital Report, KSC’s
helium facility can produce up to 51 cubic meters of helium per minute at
a pressure of up to 400 bars.

Lockheed Martin Wins $1.15 Billion Contract for Shuttle Fuel Tanks —
Lockheed Martin will produce 35 additional Super Lightweight External
Tanks for the Space Shuttle for $1.15 billion. The six-year contract
includes the manufacture, assembly, test and delivery of the fuel tanks
in Mississippi. The contract also includes activities at Kennedy Space
Center, according to Meanwhile, according to Orbital
Report, Lockheed Martin has won a $63.5 million contract to support
Trident missile navigation systems.

Space Frontier Foundation Proposes Authority to Operate Space Station —
The Space Frontier Foundation last week issued an announcement praising
NASA and the Russian space agency for their progress in opening the
International Space Station, but called for an International Space
Station Authority to assume day-to-day operational responsibility for the
orbiting facility, allowing NASA to focus on exploration and technology
development instead of facility management.

ITT Team Wins Range Upgrade Work from Air Force — ITT Industries has
teamed with Boeing and L-3 Communications, to win a $81.2 million Air
Force contract to operate and improve range systems at both Eastern and
Western Ranges through 2006. According to Orbital Report, the Spacelift
Range Systems Contract includes systems engineering through Oct. 2006,
instrumentation modernization design effort through May 2002, as well as
developmental engineering, data management and maintenance through Oct.

Texas Company Plans Venezuelan Spaceport — Texas-based Lone Star Space
Access Corp. has proposed to build a spaceport in southwestern Venezuela
and the proposal is under consideration by the Venezuelan government,
according to Orbital Report. The project apparently is not affiliated
with Beal Aerospace’ recent plans to develop a spaceport in Guyana near
the Guyana/Venezuela border.

KSC Plans Technology Transfer Week, Unveils New Spaceport Technology
Innovations — Nov. 13-20 is KSC’s annual Technology Transfer Week. The
observation is designed to heighten awareness of new technology reporting
and commercialization activities, according to Spaceport News. Recent
KSC technology innovations include a Cabin Pressure Altitude Monitor that
promises to significantly contribute to public aviation safety, and an
umbilical disconnect system for Boeing’ Delta IV launch vehicle.

SpaceLiner Corp. Seeks Contractors — Texas-based SpaceLiner Corp. is
proposing a two-stage reusable spaceplane system and has issued an RFP
for companies to provide components and services for the vehicle.
SpaceLiner plans to use South Florida’s Homestead Air Reserve Base as its
base of operations. Contact Dan Jones at 972-237-9488 or for info.

CCTS & NASA Alumni League Support Grant Proposal Reviews —
Representatives of the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies and the
NASA Alumni League are providing their valuable input as reviewers of
academic/industry proposals submitted to the grant program sponsored by
the Florida Space Grant Consortium, Florida Space Research Institute, and
the Spaceport Authority.

Spaceport Symposium Nears — The 6th annual Cape Canaveral Spaceport
Symposium, sponsored by the Air Force 45th Space Wing, NASA Kennedy Space
Center and the Spaceport Authority, will be held on Nov. 14-15 at Cape
Canaveral. The event will focus on improving spaceport operations;
alternative spaceport management models; financing and legal issues; and
visions and technologies for range improvements. Visit the Spaceport
Authority’s website or go to for info.

Canaveral Council of Technical Societies Makes Awards — The Canaveral
Council of Technical Societies (CCTS) has selected Keith Conaughty of the
American Society of Mechanical Engineers for the annual CCTS Technical
Award; and the NASA Alumni League to receive the annual CCTS Achievement

Closing Date Approaches for Spaceport Authority Executive Director
Applicants — Nov. 17 is identified as the closing date for the receipt
of resumes from people interested in serving as the Spaceport Florida
Authority’s executive director. The employment solicitation is posted on
the Spaceport Authority website at

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