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Florida Senator-Elect Nelson Seeks Key Space Committee Assignments — In
an interview with, Florida’s newly elected U.S. Senator Bill
Nelson, a former astronaut, congressman, and Florida’s insurance
commissioner, advised that his top two requested committee assignments
include the Appropriations Committee, and the Commerce, Science and
Transportation Committee. Both committees oversee our nation’s space
programs and their funding.

Spaceport Authority Plans Two Suborbital Launches in December — The
Spaceport Authority will conduct two LiteStar suborbital launches on
December 12 and 13 to test and validate a new control system and launch
rail infrastructure at Launch Complex 20. The control system, developed
by Titusville-based Command & Control Technologies, is a multi user,
multi-vehicle system that will replace the van-based control system
previously used by the Authority for such missions. The Authority’s new
rail infrastructure is capable of launching large suborbital rockets and
will support at least two large Terrier-based missions in 2001.

Russian Cabinet Confirms Mir’s Fate — The Russian Cabinet officially
decided last week to have the Mir space station de-orbited in February
2001. The 15-year-old station will dropped into the Pacific Ocean.

Coleman Research Corp. Wins Air Force Launch Contract — Orlando-based
Coleman Research Corp. is one of four companies (including Lockheed
Martin, Orbital Sciences Corp. and Space Vector Corp.) selected by the
Air Force for contracts to conduct suborbital launches for military
ballistic flight tests. The total value of the procurement could reach
$96 million, according to Orbital Report.

Russians Object to Coleman Launchers — According to Russia’s Itar-Tass
news agency, Russia considers the Hera ballistic target vehicle used by
Orlando-based Coleman Research to be in violation of the
Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. Russian officials
believe that the Hera, used by Coleman for U.S. military missile tests,
represents a new Medium-Range Ballistic Missile since it uses certain
stages and components from retired Minuteman and Pershing missiles.
According to Orbital Report, Russian officials are asking for an
immediate halt to Hera test launches, and the destruction of all
Minuteman-2 missile stages. Russia and Ukraine both use their retired
military ballistic missiles for alternate launch purposes, instead of
destroying them.

Pratt/Aerojet Joint Venture Cancelled — The recently announced
joint-venture between Florida-based Pratt Whitney and California-based
Aerojet has been canceled due to the reported high cost of relocating
production capacities and closing other facilities, according to Space
News. It was anticipated that Aerojet operations in California would
have been relocated to Florida.

General Dynamics Plans Purchase of Primex — Primex Technologies,
headquartered in St. Petersburg, will be acquired by General Dynamics
Corp. of Virginia, according to Space News. Primex’s Florida-based
operations are devoted primarily to military programs, but their
out-of-state operations include significant space-related programs.

Spaceport Symposium Draws Record Crowd — The 6th annual Cape Canaveral
Spaceport Symposium drew record attendance last week, with over 360 space
industry leaders participating from around the nation.

California Spaceport Leaders Visit Florida — Officials from the
California Spaceport Authority visited Florida last week during the Cape
Canaveral Spaceport Symposium and met separately with officials from the
Spaceport Authority to discuss common issues and explore potential
partnership initiatives.

University Spin-Off Company Plans Commercial Microsatellites — Using
converted Soviet-era ballistic missiles, One Stop Satellite Solutions
(OSSS) is offering to develop and launch “personal satellites” for only
about $45,000. The four-inch “CubeStats” could contain a variety of
electronics or other materials to serve a variety of purposes. OSSS is
an outgrowth of Utah’s Weber State University, which has a center for
space technology that specializes in research-oriented small satellites.
The growing number of micro- and nano-satellite programs is raising
concerns about orbital debris that could threaten the Space Station,
other satellites, and launch vehicles traveling to and from space.

Exigent Explores Alternatives — Melbourne-based Exigent, maker of
satellite control software, is evaluating a range of strategic
alternatives to increase shareholder value, including the possible sale
of part or all of the company assets, according to an Exigent news

Spaceport Authority Board Plans Teleconference Meeting — The
fourth-quarter meeting of the Spaceport Authority’s board of supervisors
will be conducted via teleconference at 12:30 p.m. on November 29. The
public is welcome to participate in the teleconference at the Authority’s
offices at 100 Spaceport Way, Cape Canaveral.

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