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100th Shuttle Mission Launched — The historic 100th Space Shuttle launch
was conducted yesterday by NASA and United Space Alliance. The mission
includes the delivery and assembly of elements of the International Space
Station. Florida Lt. Governor Frank Brogan was in attendance with NASA
Administrator Dan Goldin.

Israel Plans Brazil Launches — According to Space News, State-owned
Israel Aircraft Industries has teamed with Europe’s Astrium conglomerate
to upgrade Israel’s Shavit rocket and they plan to launch their remaned
“LeoLink” vehicle from Brazil’s Alcantara spaceport. Israel is also
teamed with Orlando-based Coleman Research Corp. on the LeoLink program.
According to Space News, Coleman’s support would allow a necessary 51%
U.S. participation for launching U.S. government satellites, and provide
a U.S. prime contractor for the program, when required. Early versions
of the LeoLink vehicle will have a payload capacity similar to the U.S.
Pegasus rocket. A larger version will use U.S.-made Castor 120 rocket
motors from Thiokol and will compete against U.S. Taurus and Athena

Florida and California Co-Sponsor Spaceport Gathering — State spaceport
officials from Florida, California, Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Alaska and
other states will meet in Washington on October 18 to discuss common
federal policy/legislative issues, including tax exemptions for spaceport
bonds, indemnification for commercial launches, export licensing and
technology transfer safeguards, and reconstitution of the National Space

Oklahoma Spaceport Authority Sets Budget — Oklahoma’s recently
established spaceport authority has established a budget of $925,000 for
its first full-year of operations, according to Western Oklahoma News.
The budget will be submitted to Oklahoma’s governor and legislature for
approval sometime before May 2001.

Beal Aerospace Slows Launch Plans — According to Space News, Texas-based
Beal Aerospace has decided to delay its BA-2 vehicle development effort,
including lay-offs for 80 of the company’s 150-person workforce.

Latin American Nations Consider Joint Space Organization — During last
week’s International Astronautical Congress in Brazil, officials from
Brazil and Argentina discussed the potential for a multi-national space
agency (similar to the European Space Agency) that could support joint
programs among countries in South America.

Delta Mariner Comes to Port Canaveral — The 312-foot Delta Mariner, a
ship developed by Boeing to ferry Delta IV rockets to the Cape Canaveral
Spaceport and to California’s spaceport will dock next week at Port
Canaveral. News media representatives are invited to tour the ship on
Oct. 18 and should contact the 45th Space Wing Public Affairs Office at
321-494-5933 for accreditation and participation.

Brazil Plans Restructuring of Spaceport Management, Increased Space
Budget — Brazil plans to establish a new organization to oversee
commercial operations at the Alcantara spaceport. Alcantara
responsibilities currently reside with the state-owned Infraero
organization, which runs Brazil’s airports. The new organization may be
placed under the control of Brazil’s space agency. Meanwhile, according
to Space News, Brazil’s science and technology ministry plans to double
its space-related budget in 2001 to $69 million.

BCC Wins Training Program Grant — Brevard Community College’s Center for
Aerospace Training
and Development has been awarded $800,000 for an aerospace technician
training and education program, including a technician certification
initiative for space industry workers. This grant was awarded by
Florida’s Postsecondary Education Planning Commission. For more info
contact George Gray at

Commission on the Future of Aeronautics and Space in Florida — The next
meeting of the Commission on the Future of Aeronautics and Space in
Florida is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. on October 18, 2000 at the
Orlando International Airport. Contact Tom Duncan at 850-414-4513 for

NASA Hosts University/College Cooperation Conference — NASA
Administrator Dan Goldin will kick-off a new higher-education initiative
on Oct. 19 with a unique live broadcast originating from Washington. The
program is designed to strengthen NASA’s partnerships with the nation’s
universities and colleges. The event is scheduled from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
and can be seen on NASA TV and at

USDOT COMSTAC Group Meets in Washington — The USDOT Commercial Space
Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) will meet in Washington on
October 19. The Spaceport Authority will participate.

Joint Grant Program Attracts Proposals — The joint matching grant
program sponsored by the Spaceport Authority, Florida Space Research
Institute , and the Florida Space Grant Consortium has accepted nearly 40
proposals for grant funding, in areas related to spaceport technologies,
space-based research and payload development, space education and
training, and space research infrastructure. The grant program sponsors
will award nearly $450,000 in grant funds for many of these proposals by
the end of this year.

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