The Florida Space Research Institute (FSRI)
plans to establish a headquarters for its statewide activities at the
Center for Space Education (CSE) at Kennedy Space Center. FSRI will move
into a 2,300 square-foot suite of offices at the CSE facility after an
ongoing renovation is completed in July.

“In coordination with the Astronauts Memorial Foundation and NASA, we
have identified the Center for Space Education as a perfect location for
FSRI’s offices,” said Jerry Moyer, chairman of FSRI’s industry-led board
of directors. “From this location, FSRI will have access to many of the
resources it will need to fulfill its mandate to expand our state’s
academic involvement in space research and technology programs.”

FSRI will be co-located in the CSE facility with NASA’s education offices
and teacher resource center; the Astronauts Memorial Foundation (AMF);
the University of Central Florida (UCF); and Brevard Community College’s
aerospace technology program. The facility also is home to statewide AMF
teacher training programs and multi-institution classes sponsored by
UCF’s Florida Space Institute.

The CSE facility is located at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
on State Road 405, near the planned Space Experiment Research &
Processing Laboratory (SERPL) and a proposed Space Commerce Park. The
facility was developed using state funds generated through the Challenger
auto license plate program. FSRI currently has temporary offices in the
CSE facility. FSRI’s address will be Mail Stop: FSRI, Kennedy Space
Center, Florida 32899.

FSRI was established in 1999 by the Florida Legislature, under Chapter
331.368, Florida Statutes, to promote collaboration among the state’s
academic institutions, industry, and federal agencies to support
space-related education, training, research and technology programs
throughout the state. FSRI has been incorporated as a Florida
not-for-profit organization.