The Space Foundation announced today that
Florida Space Authority will sponsor Space in
the Classroom (SITC), an educational conference
to be held May 2-4, 2002 at Kennedy Space Center
(KSC), Fl. SITC is a hands-on conference for K-
12 educators that explores teaching with space
and offers optional graduate credit.

“The Space Foundation is looking forward to
strengthening an already well-established
relationship with Florida Space Authority’s
recent commitment to support SITC, as well as
their past support of our other programs,
including the National and International Space
Symposia,” said Elliot G. Pulham, Space
Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We are excited to participate in such an
important educational conference. We know that
America’s future space leaders are bred from
these types of events,” commented Ed Gormel,
Florida Space Authority Executive Director.
Florida Space Authority’s mission (formerly
Spaceport Florida Authority) is “to attract,
retain and expand Florida’s space-related jobs
and investment.” As a transportation authority,
they focus on infrastructure projects that can
form the basis for space industry expansion and
diversification, including the development and
improvement of launch capabilities at Cape
Canaveral and attraction of new space-related
business and programs.

Florida Space Authority is also responsible for
space-related academic programs, including the
development of the Florida Space Research
Institute, designed to increase state
capabilities to support space research projects.
More information on Florida Space Authority
can be found at or
by calling 1-321-730-5301.

During SITC, educators will learn science
concepts and experience them first hand in a
real life environment. They’ll also learn from
NASA experts and take a “behind the scenes” tour
of the KSC complex. Guest speakers include Roy
Bridges, KSC Director, and JoAnn Morgan, KSC
Director, External Relations & Business

Two other Space in the Classroom conferences are
scheduled next year for January 31 – February 2
in Sacramento, Calif. and February 28 – March 2
in Colorado Springs, Colo. More information and
on-line registration for all three conferences
are available at or by
calling the Space Foundation at 1-800-691-4000.

The Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation is a
national non-profit organization with a two-part
mission: “To vigorously advance civil,
commercial and national security space endeavors
for a brighter future, and to passionately
provide educational excellence through the
excitement of space!” The Space Foundation has
trained 12,000 teachers through its Teaching
With Space, Space Discovery and Space in the
Classroom K-12 professional development programs
since 1986.

More information on the Space Foundation and its
programs can be found at