Five Kennedy Space Center (KSC) senior executives were recently awarded the
prestigious Meritorious Executive Presidential rank award.

The award is presented each year to a small group of career senior
executives within the federal government who demonstrate strength in
leadership and a personal commitment to excellence in public service.

KSC recipients include Roy D. Bridges, Jr., Center Director; Larry
C. Ellis, Acting Deputy Director, International Space Station and Payload
Processing; James E. Hattaway, Jr., Director, Procurement Office; David A.
King, Director, Shuttle Processing; John J. (Tip) Talone, Jr., Director,
International Space Station and Payload Processing.

Awardees were nominated by NASA Administrator Daniel S.Goldin. Their
nominations were reviewed and evaluated by a panel of private citizens and
approved by the president.

The Meritorious Executive Presidential rank award is presented to only 5
percent of government career Senior Executive Service (SES) members each