What is the deadline to submit a press release?

Although we can turn around a press release within the same day if requested, we generally need one business day.

Can I submit a press release with an embargo date and time?

Yes. When adding your press release use the Embargo option to enter the date and time. Please note, the default time zone is Eastern Time.

How many photos can I include with my press release and in what format?

You can attach your logo and one other image. We accept PNG and JPG file formats. The aspect ratio of your logo must be square. The maximum file size is 2 MB per image.

How do I correct a mistake after my press release has been submitted?

From your account Dashboard select the Support menu option and follow the prompts to submit the correction.

Who receives my press releases?

Your press release will be included in the SpaceNews This Week newsletter sent out on Friday’s to 19,000+ industry decision-makers. As well, we have a Stellar Dispatch RSS feed that is picked up by a variety of people and organizations.

How do I cancel my annual subscription?

From the Orders option in your My Account dashboard click your most recent and current order number. This will bring up the details of your order and includes a button to cancel your annual subscription.