A compilation of engrossing first-hand accounts and almost
200 spectacular photos from agency archives comprise a riveting
history of NASA’s space flight endeavors in the recently published
volume, The Infinite Journey: Eyewitness Accounts of NASA and the
Age of Space.

The collaborative project of NASA and Discovery Books began with a
concept of the NASA Millennium Committee and highlights 30
missions, both human and robotic, spanning more than 40 years of
space exploration. More than 100 astronauts, NASA engineers and
scientists, and eyewitnesses recall in vivid detail their personal
experiences of events involved in this unprecedented era in human

Journalist and space-historian William E. Burrows provides an
introduction to the book describing the early roots of space
exploration and the creation of NASA. His subsequent chapter
overviews and mission essays furnish background information and
context for the individual stories that follow.

The volume closes with an epilogue on the future of space flight,
with contributions by NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin, Ray
Bradbury, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the late Carl Sagan and Homer
Hickam Jr.

As Goldin remarks in the jacket notes, “Our nation’s space program
is strong, it is relevant and it is vital to every American. Our
mission, to explore the frontiers of space and to enrich life
here on Earth is simply too exciting, too inspiring, too
important to do anything else.”