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Washington, DC (September 20, 2000) – The
exhibit center for the International Space
Symposium in Washington, D.C. will be filled to
capacity this October, according to Space
Foundation officials. The Foundation also
announced today several more CEO-level speakers
for the international event. The Symposium –
“Where Space Means Business(tm)” — is scheduled
for October 24-26, 2000 at the Reagan
International Trade Center in Washington, DC,
and focuses on business trends and issues
affecting the $100 billion (US) global space

More than 30 participating agencies, supporting
organizations and sponsors representing 22
nations have teamed up with the Space Foundation
to present the Symposium, including the
following exhibitors: Agenzia Spaziale Italiana;
Alcatel Space; American Astronautical Society;
Analytical Graphics; Asia-Pacific Satellite
Magazine; Astrium; The Boeing Company; British
National Space Center; CAE; CNES-National Space
Agency of France; Core Software Technology; DERA
Space; DLR-German Aerospace Center; DynSpace;
Euroconsult; European Space Agency; Final
Analysis; General Dynamics Information Systems;
Honeywell; IGG Component Technology Limited;
International Launch Services; International
Space University; Lockheed Martin; Lockheed
Martin Technology Services; NASA Kennedy Space
Technology Center; The National Space
Development Agency of Japan; Oracle; Orbital
Sciences; Phillips Publishing; Raytheon;
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; SCU Inc.;; Spacehab, Inc.; Space Business
International; Spectrum Astro, Inc.; Surrey
Satellite Technology Limited; Tivoli Systems;
TRW; Via Satellite Magazine; and Weld Plus, Inc.

Speakers recently added to the program agenda

* Nikolay Anfimov, Director, TSNIIMASH, Russian
Space Center

* Brian Dailey, Corporate Vice President, Washington Office, Lockheed Martin

* Ray Kolibaba, Vice President, Space Systems, Raytheon

* Alexander Medvedchikov, Deputy Director, ROSAVIACOSMOS

* Dr. Yin Xing-liang, Vice President, China Aerospace Machinery & Electronics
Corporation (CAMEC)

* Lon Rains, Editor, Space News

For a comprehensive Symposium speaker list,
agenda and secure on-line registration visit, or call 1-800-691-4000
(toll free US and Canada), or 719-576-8000.

(Note: The Symposium is not affiliated or
otherwise associated with Space News).