NASA’s highest honors will be bestowed on a distinguished group of civil
service and contractor employees and team members at NASA’s Glenn Research
Center, Cleveland, on Friday, August 8 at the annual NASA Honor Awards
ceremony. Frederick Gregory, NASA deputy administrator from Headquarters in
Washington, D.C., will join Glenn Center Director Donald J. Campbell in
presenting the Agency’s most prestigious medals and awards to employees for
their exceptional achievements and accomplishments in science, engineering
and administrative service.

Distinguished Service Medal

Dr. John J. Adamczyk, North Olmsted, for exceptional accomplishments in the
development of computational methods for turbomachinery aerodynamics.

Outstanding Leadership Medal

Anita D. Liang, Strongsville, for outstanding leadership and contributions
to the NASA Glenn Research Center’s aeropropulsion mission and for strategic
formulation and execution of aeropropulsion programs and projects.

Robert Romero, Avon, for outstanding leadership that has had a prominent
effect upon the advancement of Glenn Research Center’s model workplace
concept, the equal opportunity community and the technical and
administrative programs at NASA.

Christine A. Root, Cleveland, for outstanding leadership and vision in
establishing the Glenn Research Center as a recognized leader in Financial
Management in NASA.

Exceptional Achievement Medal

Dr. Judith V. Auping, Rocky River, for outstanding technical contributions
to materials research studies and for establishing administrative database
software systems that provide readily available data for management

Kim K. deGroh, Hinckley, for outstanding contributions to the understanding
and enhancement of spacecraft materials durability.

Mary Jo Long-Davis, Aurora, for the successful planning and implementation
of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Quiet Supersonic
Platform Program and NASA’s supersonic research efforts.

John B. McQuillen, Parma Heights, for exceptional and exemplary
contributions in establishing Glenn Research Center’s world-class
capabilities in multiphase-flow research in microgravity.

Cynthia Naiman, Olmsted Falls,for outstanding leadership in the development
of revolutionary propulsion system analysis tools for the U.S. aircraft
engine industry.

Exceptional Service Medal

Godfrey Anzic, North Royalton, for sustained performance and outstanding
leadership in the Communications Technology Division for the areas of
antenna technology and characterization facilities, BMS/ISO procedures and
the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.

Renee J. Batts, Maple Heights, for extraordinary knowledge, dedication and
outstanding leadership skills that have significantly contributed to the
efficiency and effectiveness of the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and
the Glenn Research Center.

James M. Budinger, Rocky River, for outstanding project and technical
achievements in the development of advanced communications technology.

Donald J.Campbell, Westlake, for diverse technical experience and expertise,
which demonstrate a unique ability to lead, plan and coordinate broad-scoped
and highly complex aeronautics research and technology programs.

James H. Dittmar, Valley City, for original contributions to aeroacoustics
research and noise reduction methods for turbomachinery.

Dr. Stanley R. Levine, Rocky River, for outstanding contributions toward
advancing research in ceramics and ceramic matrix composites for aerospace

Oral Mehmed, Fairview Park, for significant contributions to turbomachinery
structural dynamic research that led to the development of new propulsion
system concepts.

Hugh F. Pierce, Jr., Parma Heights, for providing significant innovative and
creative contributions to and demonstrated leadership in the position
management and classification programs while maintaining the integrity of
human resources principles.

William J. Rieke, Westlake, for outstanding leadership in support of Flight
Operations at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Frank Robinson, Jr., Strongsville, for exceptional leadership in developing
a comprehensive Safety and Mission Assurance Program for research and
technology projects and programs in the Aeronautics and Space Directorates.

Douglas A. Rohn, Parma, for significant and sustained performance in project
management, leadership and advocacy towards the successful development of
aviation safety technologies.

Dr. Rickey J. Shyne, Strongsville, for outstanding technical and managerial
leadership in support of NASA’s air-breathing propulsion research activities
for aeronautics and space applications.

Gynelle C. Steele, Solon, for outstanding contributions to NASA’s small
business goals and educational outreach.

Mark A. Stevens, Broadview Heights, for continuous and exceptional
contributions to the NASA Glenn Research Center in-house turbomachinery

Robert J. Thomas, Avon Lake, for sustained outstanding performance in
facilities management related to resources, maintenance, configuration
control and real property, having a significant impact on the operational
readiness of the Center’s institutional and test facilities.

David W. York, Chagrin Falls, for outstanding contributions in the area of
software development supporting NASA Glenn Research Center’s vital mission
areas of microgravity science and biotechnology.

June F. Zakrajsek, Strongsville, for distinguished accomplishments in
propulsion health management research, technology development and

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal
Dr. Randy R. Bowman, Valley City, for exceptional materials engineering in
support of demonstrating the flight worthiness of the Stirling Radioisotope
Thomas M. Tomsik, Olmsted Falls, for contributions to enabling technology
for the NASA Space Launch Initiative Second Generation Reusable Launch
Vehicle Program.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Adabelle Narvaez-Legeza, Olmsted Township, for outstanding support of the
equal opportunity goals at Glenn Research Center by providing leadership,
consultation and outreach to Glenn, Northeast Ohio and national

Public Service Medal

Dr. Kang N. Lee, Westlake, for outstanding technical research and
development of the environmental barrier coating, making possible the use of
ceramic matrix composites for gas turbine engine combustor liners.

Dr. Ali Sayir, Bay Village, for significant contributions toward the
development of high-temperature oxide ceramic materials for aerospace

Presidential Rank Awards

Jack A. Salzman, Medina, and Dr. Arun K. Sehra, Sheffield Village, for
sustained accomplishment in the management of programs of the U.S.
Government and for noteworthy achievements of quality and efficiency in the
public service.

Forty Year Service Awards

  • Kenneth A. Adams, Strongsville
  • James W. Bagwell, Copley
  • Robert J. Boyle, Rocky River
  • Richard D. Clapper, Strongsville
  • Thomas P. Dorony, North Olmsted
  • Dr. John P. Gyekenyesi, North Olmsted
  • Clark A. Hahn, Berlin Heights
  • Balazs R. Hatvani, Cleveland
  • Albert J. Juhasz, North Olmsted
  • Ronald J. Molosky, Berea
  • Thomas F. Niezgoda, North Ridgeville
  • Charles W. Putt, Bay Village
  • Vincent K. Rawlin, Wellington
  • Dr. Walter Rzasnicki, Solon
  • Dr. Richard G. Seasholtz, Westlake
  • Dr. Peter M. Sockol, University Heights
  • Ronald H. Soeder, Brook Park
  • James S. Sovey, Strongsville
  • Edwin G. Wintucky, Willoughby
  • Robert J. Zakrajsek, Medina

Group Achievement Awards
Thirty-eight members of the Active Combustion Control Team, for successful
demonstration of the capability to suppress high-frequency combustion
instability for aircraft engine applications through active control.

Ten members of the Active Noise Control Fan Trailing Edge Blowing Team, for
providing the aerodynamic and mechanical design for new fan blades and air
supply system to study the effects of fan trailing edge blowing in turbofan

Forty-six members of the Enhanced Aeroengine Compressor Stability Team, for
development and successful demonstration of an innovative method to
significantly increase the stable operating range of high-work compressors
for turbine-based propulsion systems.

Seventeen members of the Environmental Management System Implementation
Team, for the successful development and implementation of an Environmental
Management System at Glenn Research Center.

Seven members of the Ferroelectric Thin Film-Based Microwave Components
Team, for outstanding contributions to the field of ferroelectric thin
film-based microwave components, which have led to the recognition of the
NASA Glenn Research Center as a world leader in the area of tunable
microwave technology for communication applications.

One hundred and thirty-six members of the FIRST Buckeye Regional Robotics
Competition Team, for significant support of the educational partnership
hosting the Buckeye Regional FIRST Robotics Competition in Cleveland, an
outstanding effort in inspiring the next generation of engineering

Six members of the Instrumentation Team, for outstanding efforts over the
last 9 years in supporting test facilities and in training apprentices.

Eighty-six members of the Integrated Instrumentation and Testing Systems
Team, for excellence in the innovation of advanced measurement technology
for aerospace test facilities.

Forty-one members of the Nuclear Systems Initiative Team, for outstanding
leadership, dedication, and significant contributions in the formulation of
the Nuclear Systems Initiative program within NASA Code S.

Thirteen members of the Parametric Inlet Development Team, for design and
fabrication of a supersonic inlet with improved manufacturability and

Eighty-two members of the Quiet Supersonic Platform Fan Evaluation Team, for
successfully obtaining aeroacoustic and aerodynamic performance test data on
a high-speed two-stage fan in support of the Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency (DARPA) Quiet Supersonic Platform Program.

Public Service Group Achievement
Twenty-five members of the Occupational Medicine Services and Fitness
Center, for providing Glenn Research Center employees with outstanding
health care, injury prevention, and wellness programs.

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