During 2000 ESA will be involved in a series of international events. These are the major ones that can already be pencilled in your diary.


20/01 Paris, France- ESA Head Office: ESAís Director General Antonio Rodotà meets the press.
20-1/08-05 Grenoble, France: Museum of Natural History- ESA participation in Polar Research and Exploration exhibition.
24/01 Kourou, French Guiana – Europeís Spaceport: Ariane 4 launch (Flight 126). Payload: Galaxy 10R.

No earlier than 31/01 Florida, USA- Kennedy Space Center: Launch of Space Shuttle mission STS-99, radar topography mission with ESA astronaut Gerhard Thiele on board.

All month ESA exhibition and competition in several large corporate restaurants in the Paris area.


08/02 Darmstadt, Germany- ESA/ESOC: Huygens check-out. Press breakfast.
09/02-04/03 Paris, France: ESA Earth observation programme participation in art exhibition (“Terre d’union”) at the Fondation COPRIM gallery.
11/02 Kourou, French Guiana – Europeís Spaceport: Ariane 4 launch (Flight 127). Payload: Superbird 4.
11-17/02 t.b.c. Kiruna, Sweden: “Winter Cities”, ESA exhibition.


t.b.c. Villafranca, Spain: XMM first lights and inauguration of travelling exhibition of drawings done by children to celebrate the mission.

07-10/03 Brighton, United Kingdom: Oceanology International, conference and exhibition.
09-12/03 Gagarin (Smolensk Region), Russia : 27th Public/Scientific readings on the history of manned spaceflight and rocket engineering, space and society, space and youth.
t.b.c. Paris, France- ESA Head Office: Presentation of the Living Planet programme, introducing the potential cooperation agreements with the USA and Japan.
mid Kourou, French Guiana, Europe’s Spaceport: Ariane 5 launch (Ariane 505/Flight 128). Payload: AsiaStar and Insat 3B.

t.b.c. Lisbon, Portugal: Pavilion of Knowledge, ESA exhibition and media event.

16/03(t.b.c.) Florida, USA- Kennedy Space Center: Launch of Space Shuttle mission STS-101, logistics/assembly flight for the International Space Station.

31 Cape Town, South Africa: 28th International Symposium on Remote Sensing.



03-05/04 Strasbourg, France: Bringing Space into Education, a symposium to address the space education needs of school/university students and space professionals.
10-14/04 Oakland, California- USA: AIAA International Satellite Systems Conference. ESA exhibition.
t.b.c. Garching, Germany: Space Telescope-European Coordination Facility/ESO: 10 years of Hubble Space Telescope. Opening of the Hubble European Information Service.
25-29/04 Nice, France. EGS, European Geophysical Society. Open sessions on lunar exploration (SMART-1) and day dedicated to Mercury missions.
t.b.c. Kourou, French Guiana- Europeís Spaceport: Ariane 4 launch (Flight 129). Payload: Galaxy 4R.


t.b.c. 10 years of the European Astronaut Centre. Event at ESA/EAC.
14/05-25/10 Berlin, Germany: “Sieben Hügel” art and space exhibition with ESA participation.

29/05-02/06 Korolyov, Russia : 2nd International Conference on Small Satellites.
t.b.c. Baikonur, Kazackhstan. Launch of Russian service module "Zvezda" to the International Space Station, with ESAís Data Management System on board.

t.b.c. Kourou, French Guiana- Europeís Spaceport: Ariane 4 launch (Flight 130). Payload: PAS-1R.


01/6-26/09 Osnabrück, Germany; Planetarium- ESA 2000 travelling exhibition.
01/06-31/10 Hannover, Germany: EXPO 2000. ESA participation at the Mobility pavilion.
06-12/06 Berlin, Germany: ILA (International Air and Space Exhibition). Space pavilion with ESA, DLR and German industry.
10-06/17-09 Dinard, France: Exhibition “Jules Vernes the visionary” with ESA participation.

08-09/06 Paris, France: 2nd FORUM Conference, Science, Economy, Society (ESA Technology Transfer programme participation).

13-15/06 Berlin, Germany: ISS Forum 2000, worldwide International Space Station utilisation conference.

No earlier than 14/06 Florida, USA- Kennedy Space Center: Launch of Space Shuttle mission STS-92, an International Space Station assembly flight.

14-16/06 Dresden, Germany: 20th EARSeL symposium ” A decade of Trans-European Remote Sensing cooperation”.
15/06 Baikonur, Kazackhstan. Launch of Cluster 2 (first pair) on a Starsem Soyuz-Fregat launcher.
t.b.c. Frascati, Italy: Inauguration of "CNR building" at ESA/ESRIN.
t.b.c. Mir space station de-orbiting.


10-15/07 Noordwijk, the Netherlands-ESA/ESTEC: ICEUM 4 – fourth International Conference on Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon.
13/07 Baikonur, Kazackstan. Launch of Cluster 2 (second pair) on a Starsem Soyuz-Fregat launcher.
17-22/07 Warsaw, Poland: COSPAR Meeting. ESA science exhibition.
16-23/07 Amsterdam, the Netherlands: 19th Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)
24-30/07 Farnborough, United Kingdom: International Air Show. ESA exhibition with BNSC.


t.b.c. 10th anniversary of ESA’s Kiruna (Sweden) ground station. Media event.
t.b.c. Noordwijk, the Netherlands. ECSITE/EPOS – European Project on the Sun (for youngsters), closing event.
30-09/26/11 Kassel, Germany: Astronomischer Arbeitskreis- ESA 2000 travelling exhibition.


02-06/10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 51st IAF Congress.
02-06/10 ESA students outreach project at the 51st IAF Congress.
03-06/10 Noordwijk, the Netherlands: ESLAB symposium on Ulysses at ESA/ESTEC (10th anniversary of launch of Ulysses). Press event.
09-13/10 t.b.c. Venice, Italy: Oceans from Space/ Venice 2000. ESA exhibition.
t.b.c. Bologna, Italy: Bologna 2000 Exhibition, ESA/ESRIN participation in cooperation with ASI and CNR.
18-21/10 t.b.c. Toulouse, France: New SITEF. Exhibition with ESA participation.
24/10 t.b.c. Kourou, French Guiana- Europeís Spaceport: Launch of Meteosat Second Generation satellite.
t.b.c. Bordeaux, France: 3rd ESA Student Parabolic Flights campaign.
26-27/10 Rabat, Morocco: MARISY 2000 Middle East and African Remote Sensing International Symposium.
19-20/10 Paris, France: ESA Head Office: Presentation to the ESA Council of the GalileoSat programme for the development and implementation phase.
t.b.c. Florida, USA- Kennedy Space Center: Space Shuttle Mission to the International Space Station with ESA astronaut Umberto Guidoni on board, first European to the ISS.


08-12/11 Geneva, Switzerland: Physics on Stage, a joint programme by CERN, ESA and ESO for the European Week for Science and Technology 2000.
30/11-26/01/01 Schneeberg, Germany: Zeiss Planetarium, ESA 2000 travelling exhibition.
30/11-12/02/01 Bagnoli (Naples), Italy: ESA exhibition at Futuro Remoto, Cittá della Scienza (exhibition extended by two months).


31/12 Cassini Huygens: Jupiter flyby.


Dates of certain events, especially those of launches, depend on various parameters such as readiness of spacecraft and/or launcher, and thus remain t.b.c. (to be confirmed) for some time. All Ariane launch dates are provisional; definite dates will be confirmed by Arianespace.
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