Mrs Erica Rolfe
European Space Agency
00 39 06941846

ESA is looking for volunteers to participate in a 3-month bed-rest experiment in Toulouse, France, in early 2001. The main purpose of the experiment is to improve the rehabilitation of patients and evaluate the consequences of long space flights.

Candidates should be male, EC citizens and aged from 25 to 45. In addition they must be between 165 and 185 cm tall, in good health, not overweight and not under medical treatment; most of all, they must be highly motivated.

The research is being undertaken by ESA together with the national space agencies CNES, France and NASDA, Japan. A team of international scientists will investigate muscular function, bone changes, physical fitness, cardiovascular system changes, sleep patterns, and blood and urine parameters.

If you are interested more details and information on how to apply is available from the Directorate of Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity website at