Epsori Space Systems announced today that its Free Seeds Experiment will be flying aboard the Up Aerospace SL-2 launch, scheduled for Saturday, April 28th 2007. Epsori Space Systems will distribute the experiment to 2500 classrooms in the fall of 2007. The payload contains 22 ounces of mixed vegetable seeds.

Teachers in grades 3-5 will be offered a free experiment, along with approved curriculum, student workbooks, and packages of seeds that have flown into space. The experiment allows students to compare the growth of seeds in a control group, to the growth of the space seeds. Students are taught classic techniques of scientific observation and record keeping during the experiments two week execution.

Epsori Space Systems provides students access to space through its pioneering approach of using space access to teach science. Epsori Space Systems believes that by placing seeds which have flown into space in the hands of our children, we engage their minds, excite their hearts, and make science fun! Teachers are encouraged to visit the site to learn more about the experiment. Epsori will be accepting applications from teachers for the free program on May 1st, 2007 at http://www.epsori.com .

The Epsori Space Systems media team will attend the launch in New Mexico on Saturday, April 28th, to record videos of the event and interviews of key participants. All news, photos, and videos will be posted at http://www.epsori.com as they become available.