EMS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq – ELMG) is announcing today that its X-Band
Deep Space Network Solid State Amplifiers are on board the Mars Odyssey
Mission, which departed on April 7 for its six-month journey to Mars. NASA
acquired the first transmissions from Odyssey soon after takeoff, as it rose
in orbit over NASA’s ground station in Australia. Odyssey is due to arrive
at the red planet on Oct. 24.

EMS supplied the amplifiers to Lockheed Martin Astronautics for use in its
telecommunications subsystem, which will transmit scientific data and
spacecraft telemetry data from the spacecraft to Earth. EMS’ Space &
Technology Group in Atlanta built the amplifiers to provide the final power
amplification for the radio frequency downlink transmission to Earth.

“We are pleased to support the critical communications needs of NASA’s
return to Mars,” said Jay Grove, vice president and general manager – EMS
Technologies’ Space & Technology Group – Atlanta. “EMS has a long-standing
history of being a key supplier for space-communications applications. We
look forward to the successful progress of the Odyssey mission as we work to
expand our relationship with NASA.”

The Odyssey mission is carrying a suite of scientific instruments designed
to explain what makes up the Martian surface, and to provide vital
information about potential radiation hazards for future human explorers.
Odyssey is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, a long-term robotic
exploration initiative launched in 1996 with Mars Pathfinder and Mars Global

About EMS Technologies, Inc.

EMS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ELMG) is a leading innovator in the design
and manufacture of wireless and satellite solutions, and focuses its unique
range of advanced technologies on the needs of broadband and mobile
information users. The Company is headquartered in Atlanta, employs almost
2,000 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Atlanta, Ottawa,
Montreal and Brazil.

EMS’ Space & Technology Group in Atlanta designs and manufactures
high-reliability advanced technology products for the ferrite, microwave and
antenna subsystem markets. The Group operates a best-in-class ferrite
production facility in Atlanta, and its broad customer base of commercial
and government space prime contractors includes Alcatel, Boeing Space,
Harris, ITT, Lockheed Martin and Loral Space/Systems.