EMS Technologies Inc.
announced today that the crew of NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery will install a
Ku-band communications antenna designed by EMS Technologies during the current
mission to the International Space Station.

The 74“ diameter gimbaled Ku-band Cassegrain antenna has been designed to
provide primary high-data-rate uplink and downlink communications between the
International Space Station and NASA ground stations.
The Ku-band antenna,
built by EMS’ Space & Technology Group in Montreal, is capable of
automatically tracking NASA’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
communication satellites (TDRSS) while transmitting at data rates of up to

This delivery of EMS’ designed and built antenna products also includes a
gimballed S-Band horn and omni-directional antenna, both of which have been
pre-installed on the Z1 truss.
These antennas will provide the voice
communications and the telemetry tracking and control communications.
All of
these antennas should be activated in January 2001 when the U.S. Laboratory
(Unity) is scheduled to be launched.

“This is one of many milestones for NASA and EMS in space exploration,”
said Al Hansen, president and chief operating officer.
“We are very proud to
see our work aboard STS-92 and look forward to future ISS assembly flights,
where EMS-built products and equipment will continue to be deployed.”

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