Educators may be getting
ready to take a break from teaching, but why should they take a break from
During the Space Foundation’s Space Discovery summer graduate
courses, K-12 educators can train in a shuttle simulator, learn about GPS,
build a robotic arm and more.

The Foundation has trained more than 12,000 teachers nationwide since 1986
through Space Discovery, Teaching With Space in-services, and national
conferences to help teachers teach their students about space.
All Space
Foundation courses meet national and state education standards for literacy,
mathematics and science.
Space Discovery encompasses three unique programs to
Launch Learning Excitement in the classroom.

A View from the Top – Space Basics and Earth Studies is June 18-23, 2000
at Glen Eyrie Conference Center.
The course focuses on Earth science studies
and includes experiments on Pikes Peak and training from NASA’s Jet Propulsion
Laboratory’s (JPL) Earth science team.
Dr. Ron Sega, Dean, College of
Engineering & Applied Science at CU – the Springs (UCCS) and former astronaut,
is a guest speaker.

To the Moon and Beyond – Living in Space and Basic Rocketry is July 9-14,
July 16-21, and July 23-28, 2000 at the United States Air Force Academy.
course focuses on how we get into space and how we survive, work and return
from there.
Train in a shuttle simulator, build and launch rockets, and
experience weightlessness during an underwater neutral buoyancy experiment.
Dale Gardner, Colorado Springs Operations Site Manager for TRW Systems &
Information Technology Group, is a guest speaker.

Beam Me Aboard – Advance Space Technology is July 30-August 4, 2000 at
United States Space Command.
Learn how GPS works, build a robotic arm, and
discuss how life and technology will function on the International Space
Dr. Sega is a guest speaker.

Teachers may opt to get two graduate credits for the courses, available
through UCCS.
Space Discovery tuition is $580.
Block fellowships for groups
and partial NASA fellowships for individuals offer substantial discounts.
Course tuition includes complete course materials, lesson plans and activities
for engaging classroom learning, and daily transportation.

For more information, e-mail at the Space Foundation.
Register online at or by calling customer service at