SpaceNews would like to invite and welcome readers to the new, which has been redesigned to bring you a wider variety of news and information and a better overall user experience.

In addition to the new SpaceNews logo — debuting simultaneously in this issue — readers will immediately notice a greater emphasis on photos, graphics and videos from around the space industry.

The latest news headlines are presented in a format designed to maximize their number, currency and variety, using a combination of original and curated content to provide a comprehensive picture of what’s happening throughout the industry on any given day.

But the upgrade is much more than a facelift — the website has been rebuilt from the ground up to be much more dynamic and responsive to the space industry’s evolving information needs. One long-overdue feature of the design is that it is very mobile friendly; whether you read on your smartphone or tablet, the responsive design has you covered.

The design also provides the flexibility to add new features as events, technological developments and customer inputs dictate.

A long time in coming, the redesign also reflects the newspaper’s recognition of the importance of the Web as an integral part of its overall news and information delivery operation. It is intended as a one-stop shop for space industry professionals, every bit as important as the weekly edition of SpaceNews that has served as the space industry’s newspaper of record for more than 20 years.

New features already available on the revamped site include dedicated sector pages where users can quickly get all of the latest news in their particular area of interest, be it launch, civil or military space, satellite telecommunications or finance. Topical videos from each sector also are displayed on these pages.

The searchable SpaceNews story archive is more functional than before, giving users the option to sort results by publication date, for example. Over time, SpaceNews will be adding older material to the library, eventually allowing users to track the full history of key |programs.

PDF versions of the most recent print editions of SpaceNews are displayed in a larger and easier-to-read format. Each PDF issue is accompanied by a table of contents, with links to the individual stories and news briefs contained therein. also has a calendar to keep viewers abreast of conferences and other events of interest to the space industry worldwide.

By design, the new is a flexible work in progress, with more interactive features, including industry forums and guest blogs, to be added as time and resources permit.

SpaceNews welcomes feedback from readers who are interested in being part of the never-ending process of being the primary vehicle for news and information to the space industry.


— Warren Ferster, editor

Warren Ferster is the Editor-in-Chief of SpaceNews and is responsible for all the news and editorial coverage in the weekly newspaper, the Web site and variety of specialty publications such as show dailies. He manages a staff of seven reporters...