Space tourist
Dennis Tito paid $20 million for a space vacation. The Space Store(TM)
( isn’t quite ready to offer a ride to the
International Space Station, but can offer the same food being served
to the astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the station! The selection

  • Meatloaf – From an actual home recipe — the astronauts
    requested more “comfort food” for their long stay away from
    Mother Earth.

  • Chicken Fajitas – Tortillas control floating crumbs and it’s
    easy to wrap food and hold onto for consumption.

  • Beef Stew – It doesn’t float away as easily as other foods
    making it a great item for the weightlessness.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup – the ultimate “comfort food” from Mom and
    considered to be very nutritious for the astronauts.

  • Minestrone – NASA nutritionists had requests for more
    vegetarian type foods even from the meat-eaters on board.

  • Peach Yogurt – A great way to get calcium into the astronaut
    and cosmonaut diets and doesn’t need refrigeration.

  • Bread Pudding – Scored the highest in NASA taste tests!
    Astronauts requested more desserts.

  • Cherry Blueberry Cobbler – NASA nutritionists needed to come
    up with another dessert to give the astronauts more choices.

  • Potato Soup – NASA nutritionists needed another thick soup;
    it’s a hearty cream-based soup with calcium.

Kids won’t eat healthy? Camping food? Easy dorm room food? An
out-of-this-world dinner party? This real space food offered
exclusively at is ready to open and eat, and has
a five-year shelf life. These meals and individual food items are
prepared by the NASA food vendor and are made to the same
specifications as those used by NASA contractors to prepare meals for
the astronauts and cosmonauts on ISS.

The Space Store(TM) was founded in May 1997 by Houston disc
jockey, Dayna Steele Justiz, and her NASA research pilot husband,
Charlie Justiz. The Space Store(TM) is now the largest space-related
retail Website in the Universe, featuring over 500 quality products
that ship worldwide. Space Media Inc. (SMI) acquired The Space
Store(TM) in June of 2000.

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