Using e2v ADCs, CHIME, the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, will observe the largest area of our universe to date. Tracking remnants of the big bang and their journey through space, CHIME will help us understand the universe’s accelerating expansion. e2v’s ADCs have been selected to digitize the unprecedented amount of data CHIME will capture, allowing world-leading physicists to analyze the findings.

CHIME, scheduled to be completed this year, utilizes a series of cylindrical reflectors, as opposed to the historical dish antenna shapes, enabling observation of different areas of the universe without being repositioned. e2v’s ADCs will play the key role in converting CHIME’s universal observations into usable digital data.

Kevin Bandura, a scientist in the CHIME collaboration, said, “CHIME is at the forefront of the digital revolution in radio astronomy and will provide us with previously unknown information on dark energy.”

Richard Gibbs, President of e2v Semiconductors commented, “We are proud to play a key part in another world-leading space exploration program and believe that understanding what’s shaping our universe will benefit humankind.”

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