Laura Lewis

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

(Phone: 650/604-2162, 650/604-9000)


The skies will be alive over Moffett Field in 2001. NASA Ames Research Center has signed an agreement with The Air Show Network to develop an annual world-class air show and information technology and aeronautics exposition, beginning in August of 2001.

The annual “e-AirExpo” will combine an air show, featuring the finest in modern military aircraft, with two different expositions. A “business-to-consumer” exposition, located in historic Hangar 1 beginning in 2001, will feature displays and interactive exhibits demonstrating cutting-edge research in aviation and information technologies from NASA, universities and Silicon Valley companies. Beginning in 2002, a “business-to-business” exposition, featuring a major national technical conference, will be added to provide a forum for professionals in the information and aeronautics communities to share ideas and exchange knowledge.

“The e-AirExpo offers NASA an extraordinary opportunity to promote our mission in information technology and aeronautics,” said Dr. Henry McDonald, director of NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA. “It will also enable us to develop new strategic partnerships with the private sector. Through these partnerships industry will benefit from the advanced research capabilities we have at this Center, and we will benefit from their expertise in making our technologies more readily available to the public.”

“We are pleased to be working with NASA, the premier space and technology organization in the world, in the development of this important event,” said Jim Breen, president and founder of The Air Show Network, Carpinteria, CA. “As the leader in aerospace and technology, the United States should have a world-class event to showcase its achievements, and we believe the e-AirExpo will be such an event.”

The air show portion of e-AirExpo will be an exciting way to demonstrate current flight technologies, the growing and critical role of information technologies in aeronautics, and other aspects of modern aviation to the public. Attendees can expect to see performances by premier military jet teams and world-class aerobatics pilots, as well as experimental aircraft and static aircraft displays.

“Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Moffett Field offers the finest combination of location and facilities possible for the development of a world class event such as e-AirExpo,” said Breen.

“This is an exciting announcement and a wonderful use of the airfield that will benefit the whole Bay Area community,” said Pat Vorreiter, mayor of the city of Sunnyvale, along with Mountain View one of NASA Ames Research Center’s adjacent cities. Mountain View Mayor Rosemary Stasek agreed, “the air show and exposition events planned for the e-AirExpo will be a tremendous opportunity for NASA and its government, university and industry partners to showcase the latest developments in aviation and information technology. Both of our cities look forward to working closely with NASA and The Air Show Network in the development of this exciting event.”

“This activity fits in well with our new NASA Research Park initiative,” explained McDonald. “The NASA Research Park will bring together the best of Silicon Valley, and the nation, to work with us to accomplish our mission. A critical element of our mission is to share what we learn with the public: what better way than through an exciting air show and exposition.”

Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, NASA Ames Research Center encompasses the Moffett Field property formerly occupied by the Navy. Ames is NASA’s lead center for Astrobiology, information technology, and aviation systems operations and capacity. For more information about NASA Ames Research Center, visit:

The Air Show Network is the largest air show event company in North America having served over 600 aviation events over the past 14 years working with all branches of the US Military as well as the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom. The Air Show Network is owned by Umbrella Entertainment Group, a privately held company based in Carpinteria, California. For more information about The Air Show Network, visit: