Dreamtime The first crew to man the International Space Station
(ISS) blast off toward their home for the next four months. NASA Astronaut
Bill Shephard as Mission Commander along with a pair of Russian cosmonauts,
Sergei Krikalev and Yuri Gidzenko, prepare to be the first long-term inhabitants
of the largest peacetime engineering effort and Dreamtime is proud to
be along for the ride.

logo on the Soyuz rocket symbolizes its dedication to making space and
what we learn from it accessible to all through the Web, education initiatives,
film and documentaries, and our commercial partners. As part of its agreement
with NASA, Dreamtime will provide the world with complete multi-media
capabilities through broadcasts and recordings from both inside and outside
the International Space Station.

A Dreamtime
HDTV (High Definition TV) camera manned by NASA personnel captured the
preparation and launch of this momentous event onsite at the Baikonur
Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Dreamtime looks forward to providing you with
this footage and other exciting images from the ISS.