AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, October 3, 1999 – At the International Academy of Astronautics’ annual awards dinner, Dr.
George E. Mueller was given a standing ovation as he received the Academy’s 1999 Theodore Von Karman Award. Dr. Mueller received
the award in recognition of his creative, dedicated and pioneering work to advance engineering science in the promotion of space exploration,
for his leading role in human space flight – particularly his management of the Apollo program – and his personal contributions to the creation
and initiation of the Space Shuttle.

The Von Karman is the premier award of the International Academy of Astronautics. It is given annually to recognize outstanding lifetime
achievements in any branch of science. The award honors the memory of the Academy’s founder and first President, Dr. Theodore Von
Karman, a scientist of the highest international reputation.

Previous recipients include: Charles Stark Draper, William H. Pickering, Alexei A. Leonov, Cornelis de Jager, Christopher Kraft, Albert A.
Galeev, Arthur C. Clarke, and Norman Augustine.

“The Von Karman Award was founded as a beacon to inspire us to rise to the challenges facing the Academy and each of its members,”
said Dr. Mueller. “In my view, the greatest challenge facing the Academy is the development of the universal understanding, of the
paramount importance, of man’s exploration and exploitation of space, for the future of mankind. The challenge is to define and implement
that vision, which will lead mankind to its destiny, to colonize the Solar system and ultimately to spread humanity to the stars.”

Dr. Mueller was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1970 for his management of the Apollo program. As head of Manned Space
Flight for NASA, he was responsible for the Gemini, Apollo, and Saturn programs. He was the originator of Skylab, the world’s first space
station, and is acknowledged to be the “Father of the Space Shuttle”.

Today, Dr. Mueller brings his visionary leadership to Kistler Aerospace Corporation as the driving force behind development of the Kistler
K-1, the first fully reusable aerospace vehicle, designed to deliver satellites to low-Earth orbit and provide a low-cost alternative to single-use
launch vehicles. Kistler is a privately held U.S. company with corporate offices in Kirkland, Washington and executive offices in Los
Angeles, California.

Kistler Woomera and Spaceport Woomera, wholly owned Australian subsidiaries of Kistler Aerospace Corporation, will perform K-1 launch
operations and logistics at Woomera, Australia. Additionally, Kistler has received the right to occupy and operate launches from Area 18 at
the Nevada Test Site.

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For more information, contact:

Donna Webb, Kistler Aerospace