Download the digital edition of the Aug. 3 issue of SpaceNews magazine, provided compliments of Raytheon Space & Intelligence as part of our special coverage of this week’s free-to-attend 34th Annual Small Satellite Conference. 

Inside the Aug. 3 issue:

Inflection point  From launch failures to global pandemic, a small launch industry long buoyed by optimism is learning just how unforgiving spaceflight can be.

A market force to be reckoned with The U.S. government, notably DoD, is playing an outsize role in the shaping a small launch market hard pressed to survive on commercial contracts alone.

Aiming small for Alcantara  Can Brazil entice small launch vehicle operators to breathe life into its idle spaceport? The head of the country’s space agency thinks so.

Exit strategy As a wave of acquisitions washes over the space industry, NewSpace investors are finally finding the exits — just not where they expected them to be.

Factoring for wider demand Airbus U.S. Space Systems head Debra Facktor sees government demand for commodity spacecraft as key to getting its Florida factory finally humming

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